Twist your buns

Here's a good looking recipe for the Swedish National Treasure, kanelbullar c/o Swedish Dreamish.  Thank you Anna for letting me share your recipe.  And check out how cool she twisted the buns.  OK, don't get your buns in a twist - it's not that hard! ;-)  And if it comes out wrong they still taste oh so good.  Yummy with a nice cup of coffee.  Enjoy!

Soft, fluffy, doughy - a delicious treat!
1 package dried yeast (2 ¼ teaspoon)
5 3/4 - 6 1/4 cups flour (14-15 dl)
1/2 tsp salt
150 g butter (softened)
2 cups and 4 tsp milk (5 dl)
1/2 cup Swedish syrup (1 dl)*
Blend dried yeast with flour (save a little for later when kneading the dough).
Melt butter in a pan, add milk and warm it to 104F (40 C), use a thermometer to get exactly right temperature.
Mix together flour, salt and syrup and add to the warm liquid.
Blend well, either by hand or by using a food processor to a shiny and smooth dough that doesn’t stick to the bowl, approximately 5 minutes.
Let the dough rise under towel for about approximately 30 min.
75 g soft butter
4 tbs sugar
1 tbs cinnamon
Put the dough on the table and knead it well with your hands before rolling it, add a little bit extra flour if the dough is sticky and knead to a soft, non sticky.
Divide the dough into two sections and roll out each into a rectangular shape of about 10 x 18 inches
(25 x 45 cm).
Spread butter and sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on each square, don't be afraid to sprinkle extra, more yummy!
Roll together from the long side and cut in 18-20 pieces.
Place each piece on the side that was cut into a paper cupcake wrapper and place on baking sheet. 
Repeat with the second square.
Cover and raise for 30 minutes.
Put the oven on 450F (225).
Pearl sugar**
Whisk together egg and brush the tops, sprinkle pearl sugar on top.
Bake in oven about 5-8 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on rack under towel.
* Anna says you can substitute 3/4 cup sugar and 1/4 maple syrup for the Swedish syrup or "sirap".
** A specialty sugar that is larger than usual - you could use turbinado or just skip this step.


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