Trollhattan horror

a moment of silence held today 10/25 for those killed in Trollhattan
On Friday, October 23rd a man in his 20's attacked teachers and students at a school with a sword in Trollhättan, Sweden.  Two people are dead from the violent attack and two others are in intensive care. The attacks were racially motivated.  The young man, Anton Lundin Petersson, was a 21-year old Hitler admirer and he left a suicide note describing his plan as explained in The Local here. This type of violence is unusual in Sweden and especially terrifying in a country that accepts more refugees per capita than any other EU country.  The attacker, who later was shot by police, luridly posed for a picture before committing the assault at the primary and middle-school.    More here on this tragic event -  I am crying for Sweden. :(


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