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Nordic detox diet

I've finally found a diet for me --- the Nordic detox diet lets you eat two grams of carbs for every gram of protein! This balance of carbs and protein is called the "golden ratio" and allows the system to stay lean according to Dr. Astrup of University of Copenhagen.  OK, sounds good to me!  But here's the scoop, buy one of those nutrient-rich, dense blocks of bread that you normally skip called "Dark European Rye" and sugar-free muesli, cereal, barley, peas, corn and potatoes.  That's carbs folks, not two doughnuts for every slice of bacon. ;) I love to eat this way and luckily for me I'm headed to the land of Nordic eating soon!  I just have to stay away "fika" or choose fruit with my coffee or this cake which is reputed to be "The world's healthiest cake". I haven't tried it yet but it looks good.  If you make it please leave a comment. Off the the gym, enjoy!

Whole Orange & Almond Yogurt Cake 2 small oranges, pee…

Spider-Man Grabs Coffee

I'm in a "green-coffee machine" AKA Starbies enjoying a cascara coffee, which tastes just like a regular espresso to my philistine tastebuds, and the AC!  This movie is pretty fun.  Maybe time for fika?


I am vacation enjoying this view. Vacation is so good for you, mentally and physically but sometimes, lets face it, it can be stressful too. My stress comes from trying to make this trip "a once in a lifetime experience!" for my family (whatever that means) and coordinating with other people's schedules while doing work on the side.  What's your hidden holiday stressors?  Whatever they are I hope that you can forget them and just breathe. We all need a break.  Enjoy! :)