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Lovvika Mittens

These mittens are special to me.  Do they look familiar?  Take a look at Jan Brett's richly illustrated children's book The Mitten. (The Mitten by Jan Brett) As you can see Nicki's snow-white mitten looks a lot the same, but mine although handmade as well made out of (what used to be) snow-white wool, have some dissimilarities.

The little braided strip and the bright wool colors crisscrossed around it are typically Scandinavian.  I have had these mittens since the '80's and they are always the warmest ones that I slip my hands into gratefully on rugged snowy days. I love my mittens because they are a memory of home.  Warm ones.

But now, thanks to this blog I've even learned the history of them.  They were created by a woman named Erika in the village of Lovvika in 1892.  There is a special technique to making them, and the braid was there so you could hang them up by the fire to dry.  See this entry (in Swedish) if you don't believe me: http://sv.wikiped…

Swedish Pancakes

What would a blog for Swedish Americans be without a good recipe for Swedish pancakes?  Thin, delicious, covered with jam, sugar and whipped cream, then rolled up and yum!  Nothing smells better in a kitchen.  They're easy too.  We made them the other day.  Chef L. helped in the kitchen, and Special K. specialized in eating them.  Enjoy the recipe!  (The white vase on the table is from Sweden, by "Rosa Ljung".  It's woman's head.  Isn't it cool?)

Här kommer Pippi Långstrump!

I love Pippi, don't you?  When I was a girl I was more like Annika, but I had a friend like Pippi.  We had great adventures together like falling into a goldfish pond, getting lost, and arriving back at her house to find police there filling out a report.  Leslie was cool.  (I also remember her mom washing her mouth out with soap.  She might have liked living at Villa Villekulla.)  Reading Pippi to my eight year old daughter is a great way to practice her Swedish, and it appeals to her inner rebel.  Latent I think in every little girl - maybe just a little more in some than others. ;-)  Later I'll tell you more about our trip to Småland, and Astrid Lindgren's Värld. An adventure in and of itself.

What's lagom?

My friends have asked me this, here's the scoop.  See number seven.

So how am I doing at living la vida lagom?  ( The just right life)  We it turns out that this life of mine is balanced but in fits n' starts.  One month is all about business, the next art, and so on.  This month has been full of friends, people are coming out of their homes and catching their breath after the holidays.  Last night another lovely dinner with girlfriends over Sangria made my weekend.  And soon my birthday week starts!  A great excuse to catch up with people and eat cake.  I have a feeling February is going to be all about exercise.  Nothing like keeping it lagom!

Foggy weather

The following pic were taken last weekend on the beach in Rye outside this place, Seacoast Science.  Foggy weather reminds me of home in Sweden.  Doesn't scare us off at all, we just dress for the weather.  Like the Swedes say "There's no bad weather, just bad clothing."  We tromped off through the fog and found some treasures on the beach.  I hope we will do again soon.  Anyone have a cool idea what to do with the shells?

Lucky lady

Lucky lady Janet won the chocolate gift basket from the SWEA Christmas Market. I hope she likes it!  Here is a little sampling of the ornaments that I sold here.  I really enjoyed making the paper ornaments, layering the different colors of paper, and using some special Swedish papers along with ribbons and brads.  For example I picked up an antique Swedish children's alphabet book which I loved in the mix.  Soon to be up on the web for sale!  

Lakris - love it or leave it?

Black licorice (lakris) is a big fav of the Swedes.  My husband told me today that his office mate bought chili covered lollipops from Mexico.  I'm wondering if he would dare try some black licorice covered with salt.  It's an acquired taste but man, makes my mouth water just to think of it.  I prefer the sweet licorice opposed to the salt, but I think the salt might just up the cool factor.  Let me know if you'd like to try it someday, I'll get some!
picture from Norwegian MSN site

Putting away Christmas

A little sad, the end of Christmas, isn't it?  We threw our tree out recently and gathered together Christmas decorations throughout the house.  (See my little Swedish tomte and God Jul candle above?)  Well, it's out with the old!   I hope this year brings in a lot of exciting change for you all.  It's supposed to be a year of great change, socially as well as politically, it you believe the numerologists who say 2+0+1+3=6 which is a number for change and possibilities.  Heard it on the radio and to me it sounds way better than 13!
(Hej då jul gran!  Du varade inte till påskas i år.)


Gulp, what's this 2013?!  I remember when we were supposed to party like it's 1999!  So, goals for the New Year.  As usual I have too many so I'm bound to mess up, but I am aim high.  First of all, work.  I want to work and make money while still having time for my beautiful family.  Secondly, health, I'd like to get more fit and fix my wonky knee.  Third, creativity/art, I'd like to give it time and space to flourish.  So that's it in a very big nutshell!  My day to day goal is to write in my journal.  How about you?  Happy New Year!  Gott Nytt År!