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Estelle turns one but the prince turns 11!

How cute is this little girl?  Happy belated birthday Princess Estelle!  More adorable pictures from the Swedish royal family's site here Estelle turns 1
She turned one on February 23rd but we were too busy celebrating our L's birthday (our little prince) to pay tribute.  He turned 11 on the 24th and we served him breakfast in bed with all his presents, which is the Swedish tradition.  We sang "Vi gratulerar!" (the Swedish birthday song) as well as "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed watching him rip open his many gifts. (His sister helped.)  We are so lucky to have this happy, funny, orange-loving little guy in our lives.  Vi älskar dig gubbe!

Dancing Queen

This not-just-in from Sweden via Redbook Magazine, August 2012: "In Sweden, workers of all stripes are abandoning their posts and heading out for 'Lunch Beat' parties: one hour of totally awesome - dancing with their fellow drones.... Stateside: Look for gatherings near you at".  Hey, I'm willing to start one in my kitchen tomorrow.  We'll just turn up Mix Megapol and get jiggy with it!  Musik

But I also have to tell hubby about the one starting up in Boston, MA on March 6th - check it out my man Dance!  (You would so love this if you got a real lunch break.)

Also, this just in (for reals) - the Abba Museum is opening on May 7th in Stockholm!  I so want to go, check it out  How can you not love their music (and their outfits). By the way, can you tell I love to dance? ;-)

Tangerine dreams

Have you ever fallen in love with a color?  Well lately for me, it's been all about apricot.  My son, Master Luke, loves orange so I have been seeing it with new eyes.  The most recent project was a big orange and white fleece blanket for his bed - a bed creamsicle I like to call it.  Tomorrow he's going to get it and I can't wait!  My baby is turning 11 and it should be an tangerine dream!  As Frank Sinatra once said:  "Orange is the happiest color." quote

Kate and lagom - discuss

Coffee klatch - discuss amongst yourselves - lagom is it good or bad?  Like I said before lagom is the concept of "just rightness", a word that doesn't exist in the English language.  "Living la vida lagom" is the name of my blog because I'm trying to live a balanced life with a foreign flair.  Here's one person's take on lagom (see below).  We met Kate in Sweden and she blew me away with her enthusiasm, wit and work ethic. She, unlike many Americans living in Sweden actually learned Swedish (a big plus in my book) and taught it to my husband.  So ...

"Besides that, believe it or not, I miss LAGOM! I used to think that the idea of lagom was something I didn’t like in Sweden–that it represented a tendency to stay within safe, expected norms. Now I think I see it as a deep appreciation for balance, and balance is not something I would consider a strong point in mainstream America."

True dat!  See Kate's blog here for more musings on return…

the beast


A pale imitation

Last year Swedish Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest.  Oh the joy, our hearts swelled with pride! ;-)  This European music festival aired annually on TV is a festival of kitsch, a glorious mixture of singing Russian babushkas, skintight latex, and schmaltzy music. (Last year in Sweden we all voted on which country was worst, ate junk food and danced.  The kids got really into it.)  By the time the final rolls around you can sing along with your country's submission since it's been imprinted through many viewing and radio brainwashing.  Fun times. Last year Loreen won.  Her submission "Euphoria" was a breath of fresh air, and her style reminded people that not everyone living in Sweden is blond and blue-eyed (Loreen is of Berber descent.)  The song was a clear winner, and obviously even a year later obviously made its mark.  This year Germany's entry "Glorious" is a pale imitation of "Euphoria" and it has created a stir for those involved.…

Happy Valentine's Day

on the island, 2.14.13

Fat Day?

Happy Fat Tuesday, called Fettisdagen in Sweden, the land of the skinny jeans.  We celebrate it with these beauties, called semlor or fastlagsbullar, and they are worth every calorie and subsequent leg lift at the gym.
Just a simple cardamon bun, with a daub of delicious almond paste, and filled with whipped cream.  It can be eaten as is (preferably with a good cup of coffee and friend) or settled in a bowl of warm milk.  My mouth is already watering.  I'm going to link to this gorgeous site to give you the recipe (semla recipe) and some atmospheric photos of Sweden. Enjoy the beautiful pictures, and hopefully a mouthful of this delicious treat sometime soon.  I'm making myself hungry just writing this ... to the kitchen, stat!  The gym can wait.

So Cool

Hej, guess who's Too cool for school?  We are!  Nords are in.  :-)  I mean the Nordic people of course.  From Feb 19 until March 17th "Nordic Cool" will be at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.  Wish I could go!  Let's just pull some copy verbatim because Alicia Adams, Festival Curator, really seems to get it:

Nordic Cool 2013 manifests the intersection of life and nature, art and culture. Appreciation of and respect for the natural environment are reflected throughout the Nordic countries-and they're deeply rooted in the arts there, too. The impact of the region's long, dark, and cold winters (sometimes brightened by the amazing light of the aurora borealis). The sounds of the surrounding sea. The long horizon. The midnight sun in summer. All of these elements create a unique environment in northern Europe. The purity of the water and air. The lava rocks and evergreens. They all comprise a landscape and natural world that is truly breathtaking. Along our j…

Laughing babies + learning new languages

Communicating isn't so hard.  Just check out this video!  Really though shouldn't we teach children foreign languages a lot earlier - maybe not as young as these babies - but then again, why not?  I started speaking Swedish to Master Luke when he was a baby, and used to sing Swedish lullabies to him endlessly.  Then English started to sink back into our daily lives more and more, especially after we moved to a new city and I wanted to meet new moms, as well have playmates for my son.  It's not until we moved to Sweden last year that L. and his sister K. learned the language, and now that we're back in the States it's still a daily struggle to speak Swedish, and have them speak to me.  I do think the earlier the better to learn a new language, I never understood why we wait until middle school when everything's soooo embarrassing to start!  Here's one place where you can get a earlier immersion in a new language for your child:

An international exchange at a…

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Love Lego


Swedish Ice Hotel


Visiting the original ice hotel in Jukkasjärv near Kiruna, Sweden, is of course on my bucket list, as is going to the Jokkmokk market in February to see the Sami arts and crafts. The Sami, formerly known as the Lapps, are the northernmost indigenous people and they have an amazing history and culture.  The Jokkmokk festival. yes in Jokkmokk, always starts the first Thursday in February.  Check it out::  Maybe next year I'll plan a trip to the Arctic Circle, see those Northern Lights, go to the festival and stay at the original ice hotel.  Who's with me?