A pale imitation

Last year Swedish Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest.  Oh the joy, our hearts swelled with pride! ;-)  This European music festival aired annually on TV is a festival of kitsch, a glorious mixture of singing Russian babushkas, skintight latex, and schmaltzy music. (Last year in Sweden we all voted on which country was worst, ate junk food and danced.  The kids got really into it.)  By the time the final rolls around you can sing along with your country's submission since it's been imprinted through many viewing and radio brainwashing.  Fun times.
Last year Loreen won.  Her submission "Euphoria" was a breath of fresh air, and her style reminded people that not everyone living in Sweden is blond and blue-eyed (Loreen is of Berber descent.)  The song was a clear winner, and obviously even a year later obviously made its mark.  This year Germany's entry "Glorious" is a pale imitation of "Euphoria" and it has created a stir for those involved.  They even had an academic compare the two songs, and it was found that "Glorious" had the same intro and similar beat, phrases and vocals! Read here: rip off?  Cascadas the band who performs "Glorious" of course shrugs off these allegations.  Check it out for yourself, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Y77A9-hQAp0.  
I think Natalie Horler, lead vocalist of Cascadas, clomping through this castle setting in clear Valkyrian style is a pale imitation of the beautiful and unique Loreen.  I guess we'll see what the voters decide at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest on May 18th in Malmö.  I for one can't wait!  
Euphoria here.


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