Swedish Ice Hotel


Visiting the original ice hotel in Jukkasjärv near Kiruna, Sweden, is of course on my bucket list, as is going to the Jokkmokk market in February to see the Sami arts and crafts. The Sami, formerly known as the Lapps, are the northernmost indigenous people and they have an amazing history and culture.  The Jokkmokk festival. yes in Jokkmokk, always starts the first Thursday in February.  Check it out:: http://www.swedishlapland.com/en/Destinations/Jokkmokk/Whats-on/Jokkmokk-Winter-Market---the-biggest-festival-of-northern-Europe/  Maybe next year I'll plan a trip to the Arctic Circle, see those Northern Lights, go to the festival and stay at the original ice hotel.  Who's with me?

Renrajden, photo by Petter Johansson


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