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Happy Waffle Day!

We love waffles! Happy Waffle Day everyone!  This is one of these silly traditions you've gotta love - March 25th is "Waffle Day" in Sweden simply because they lazily began to mispronounce "Vårfrudagen" ('Lady Day' or 'The Feast of the Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady', yeah, that's a mouthful) with "Våffeldagen" or waffle day!  And that's a nice mouthful too.  Yum, nice crispy waffles with whipped cream and berries.  Delish!  They are so good, and easy to make.  My mother used to make these for the kids once a week in Sweden and now I am trying to pick up the slack. Here's a nice site I found for Swedish food.  Check out, Swedish waffles recipe! This recipe is best to use with a traditional heart-shaped or Belgian waffle iron but they give a substitution if you don't have one - like me.  Here's an idea of what real Swedish waffles look like:  And a look at a typical Swedish waffle iron below.  Even if you have t…

a Swedish daydream

join me....
the front door is open have a bite to eat,
a stroll outside...

now fika

and off to bed.  Sov gott!

Welcome to Sweden

So, this Swedish series called "Welcome to Sweden" starts on Friday, and I am both happy and a little nervous.  Greg Poehler, Amy Poehler's brother, is bound to be funny and entertaining but I'm nervous he'll lampoon Swedes a little too much or share one of my personal "smultronställen" (favorite special spots).  He actually did leave the states for his girlfriend and headed for Sweden where he was immediately welcomed into a Swedish crayfish party, made to sing "Helan går" and sit naked in the sauna.  So he thought it would make a funny movie and there are quite a few famous actors in the series including Will Ferrell (himself married to a Swede), Amy Poehler, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Patrick Duffy (who played Bobby Ewing in Dallas) and Lena Olin.  Hope that TV4 will allow us to see it in the States!

Hello Kiddo

So many beautiful children's rooms with life and fun come from Scandinavia.  Today I was drolling over this one which is light and fresh - just what I need this bleak, seemingly never ending winters day.  I was scrolling through Hus och Hem's blog "Hello Kiddo" and also found this beaut by Ferm Living.  Just fun little knobs to brighten your day, and not too hard for the handy.
Check out this fun wallpaper "Into the Wild" (found at Monument Interiors).  They have so many great looks for kids rooms in Sweden.  If you like wallpaper check out this link, Kids wallpapers at Scandinavian Design Center, they import them. So expensive, but look at these lovelies for children's rooms from famous Scandinavian brands like Ferm Living, Sandberg Tyg & Tapet, ISAK and others.  Wishing you a magical day full of owls, colorful clouds and forests and... ... from Hus och Hem again, a little spot for your dreaming and reading.  Wanna curl up there? I do!

The Swedish Chef is Back!

Only one way to settle this... food truck fight!  Gordon Ramsay vs. Swedish Chef with his Swedish meat balls of course.  Tee, hee. But for a good meat ball recipe check out my favorite Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson's recipe here: Marcus-Samuelsson-Swedish-Meatballs.  They really are delicious!
SWEDISH MEATBALLSFor the Meatballs:1/2 cupfine dry bread crumbs1/4 cupheavy cream2 tablespoonsolive oil1 medium red onion (finely chopped)1/2 poundground chuck or sirloin1/2 poundground veal1/2 poundground pork2 tablespoonshoney1 large eggKosher salt and freshly ground black pepper3 unsalted butterFor the Sauce:1 cupchicken stock1/2 cupheavy cream1/4 cuplingonberry preserves2 tablespoonsjuice from Quick Pickled CucumbersKosher salt and freshly ground pepperFor Serving:Garlic mashed potatoes (get the recipe here)Lingonberry preservesQuick Pickled Cucumbers

Melodifestival and more


VASA Order of America

“ Man must be arched and buttressed from within, else the temple will crumble to dust. ” — Marcus Aurelius Antoninius Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the weekend.  No idea what this quote really means but I think he was trying to say you have to have fun too.  (Either that or colonics.) Who knows, but I'm going to have with the first interpretation.  In the spirit of "living la vida lagom" (lagom means just right in Swedish) I decided to go back to work, and pull my own yoke for a while in addition to being mom, artist and all that.  That meant the difficult decision of blogging less and putting my art and some other fun projects aside for a while.  I hope you understand, part-time marketing projects don't exactly grow on trees but I'm still going to find time to bring the Swedish culture to light, blog and have fun doing it!  So to that end I joined the "Birka Lodge" which is part of the ...