Welcome to Sweden

So, this Swedish series called "Welcome to Sweden" starts on Friday, and I am both happy and a little nervous.  Greg Poehler, Amy Poehler's brother, is bound to be funny and entertaining but I'm nervous he'll lampoon Swedes a little too much or share one of my personal "smultronställen" (favorite special spots).  He actually did leave the states for his girlfriend and headed for Sweden where he was immediately welcomed into a Swedish crayfish party, made to sing "Helan går" and sit naked in the sauna.  So he thought it would make a funny movie and there are quite a few famous actors in the series including Will Ferrell (himself married to a Swede), Amy Poehler, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Patrick Duffy (who played Bobby Ewing in Dallas) and Lena Olin.  Hope that TV4 will allow us to see it in the States!


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