Melodifestival and more

Hej! This was my weekend -- sleeping, lounging, eating, laughing... ahh... heaven. I think it was the first time in maybe 10 years that I slept in and then read in bed for a couple of hours. The kids just played, ate bagels and did stuff with daddy. Isn't that amazing? I thought so. I holed up with "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert (you know that book that everyone else read eons ago) and polished it off by Sunday night. I loved it, but being a bit of a book snob I didn't read it when it was all the rave. Just goes to show I'm not so different from anyone else. So now that we are being totally honest some other "low brow" entertainment I must profess to liking is "Melodifestival", the schlacky singing competition held in Sweden and other European countries every March.  See my blog post about last year, 2013

It leads up to our choosing a song  for the Eurovision Song Contest to be held this year in Copenhagen in May. This year's Swedish winner is the beautiful and talented ....Sanna Nielsen with "Undo"! Here's the song.  It's a sweet ballad with a nice little hook, sounds kind of tame and sweet to me. And some more info here, sanna_nielsen_wins_melodifestivalen. But I have to say that in my opinion Alcazar's "Blame it on the Disco" would have gotten my vote!  It's got everything that a winner should have -- glittery tight costumes, a good beat with strong ABBA influence, and bad dance moves.
Actually the really fun thing about Melodifestival are the parties in Sweden where you watch the show, gossip about the contestants, vote and diss other people's favs.  So party on Swedes!  Eurovision style in May. 


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