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Party/Art Show

My first individual art show was a huge success. (I think that the glögg might have helped.) :)  It's been a long time since December's event but I realised I had never truly shared my work with you!  So here's a host of photos that hopefully give you an idea of the breadth of my work, and I hope that you like it. More importantly we all had a blast!

This is not my cat (above)

I have two very nice cats - one is black and white and the other is orange - but this is not my cat.  It is a good picture though, and I like the new layout.  Do you like it too?  Hope so! Now time to wrassle some good pictures of the cats. :)  Have a Happy Satuday all!

p.s. here are our cats when they were kittens, so adorable right?

Scandinavian Homes and Montreal

Hello, another snow day with the family so I'm free to surf the web and make my scrapbook pages. Yeah!  We just got back from Montreal and it was such a fun trip, freezing, but fun.  We loved the energy of the city and how kind everyone was there.  It's a great place to bring the family as there are things to do for all ages from ziplines and icy sledding for the tween and teen, to fine wines and delicious dining for yours truly.  We also liked seeing art everywhere - even in the Metro!
This is the first Metro installed piece of art, isn't it amazing? It's called L'Histoire de la musique a Montreal or Les Arts lyriques, 1967, and it's made out of stained glass.

In terms of web surfing, the wonderful blogger of "my Scandinavian Home" has just released a book and I plan to get it when I'm home in Sweden. But in the meantime here's some eye candy that she published here.  Look for my comment and you can also order the book!  I borrowed the beauti…

Happy International Women's Day!!

I miss Sweden a lot of days but most def today - International Women's Day.  They do things better there. Just sayin' :)
Shared from "A Mighty Girl. Here's more on the shirts -
The national women's soccer team in Sweden unveiled new jerseys this week that replace players' names with empowering messages focused on inspiring young women! The shirt change is part of a special initiative called #InYourName in honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th. The team's captain, Lotta Schelin, discussed the aim of the project, explaining that "through #InYourName and together with other women, we want to express this message and encourage women to believe that they can do anything they set their mind to... There is always a need to show young women that it is possible to succeed and that no one should feel limited in what they can achieve and particularly not because of their sex." Schelin's jersey features a message from politician Gudrun Schyman, …


It's funny how the internet links things together sometimes.  Today I was jumping around looking for Lund, the town where we used to live, and came across the most fantastic store called "Lundagård". We also had a "Lundagård" but it wasn't anything like this one.  (It's a park and a nice cafe in Lund, Sweden.)  Turns out that this Lundagård is actually in Northern Finland!!  Way up across from Umeå you'll find it in a town called Jacobstad.   Check out Lundagård in Finland!  I love the vintage style and all the amazing items for sale.  And if  you're ever in the area tell them Tina sent you. ;)

Butiksöppningen: Lundagård är livet på landet, familjeliv, byggnadsvård, gamla hus, återanvändning, loppisfynd, auktionsfynd, diy, vintage- och retroprylar.

Lagom is so 2017!!