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Design on my mind

As ever when I have an empty momement between taking care of the kids, looking for work, maintaining Huset Lagom (the just right house) and working... phew, I tend to let my mind wander over to home decor. To be specific the land of dreamy, Swedish home decor where everything is in just the right place, colors are stark, and there never seems to be a scratched up couch or a dustball under the chair (do people even live in these houses?) Here's some new favs on that front from the blog 'Fashion Squad' by Carolina Engman (pictures via Svenska Mäklarhuset).  This people is how a home should be staged!

Here's another shot squad from a Danish townhouse which is just as beautiful and pristine.

Yummy.  My house is a mess but one can always dream.  The first thing I want to do is look into how to paint floors.  I love it, and just maybe I can talk handsome hubby into painting the dining room floor for me, what do you think?  EHow makes it look easy, http://www.eho…


I'm sure you have heard of FOMO  (Fear of missing out), but have you been introduced to MOMO yet? "The Mystery of missing out" is when something is someone doesn't post a picture, and you rack your brain wondering why.  Bianca Bosker of the Huffington Post does a great job of explaining why this situation preys on our fears, the mystery of the missing shot leading one to wonder "what am I missing, how cool are they, and who is there?"  instagram-silence  She writes:
"In an odd way, the ultimate Instabrag is not sharing at all.  If an adventure isn’t posted on social media, it must be ultra special.."
In the Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook crazy world we live in everyone seems to be trying to out-cool each other with the next best party or trip or fashion or friends.  So maybe just staying put and being anti-FOMO or NO-FOMO as Garance so aptly puts it is actually the way to be.  Interesting comments here:  (FOMO post by Garance Dore)  It's…

Need inexpensive child care?

Cultural Care Fun Fact #1: In the last 25 years, we have had the unique opportunity to bring young men and women from many countries to the United States as au pairs including: Austria, Australia, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand, Sweden, France, and more, thus changing hundreds of thousands of lives!

Full disclosure, I just signed on to be a sales rep for Cultural Care Au Pair, an affliation of EF, that has run au-pair programs for the last 25 years.  If you want to include some international diversity in your home, and get some help with the kids (45 hours childcare/week) it's a great way to go.  The young men and women they bring over are amazing - screened, eager to help out, and speak English.  They want to be included in family life and need their own room, otherwise costs are low, both emotional and physical of about $360/week and room + board. *Less right now, see special below!*  Read au pair in MA

I believe in this program be…

Happy Summer!

Ha, ha!  Even thought it's not accurate this picture is pretty funny and sometimes a Swedish summer can be the pits.  But as the heat goes up into the 90's here and the humidity soars I think longingly of Sweden with with its cool ocean breezes and long days.  I miss the white beaches, and the routine of packing a picnic basket with coffee, saft (a sweet drink made with concentrate, preferably homemade like my mother's lemon saft) as well as cookies or "bullar" for the kids.  Throw a couple of magazines in there like Damernas Värld or something silly about the royal family and you're all set for a couple of relaxing hours.  Heaven!
Ask me for a recipe if you want one, and I'll try to translate.  Otherwise the local IKEA does a nice lingon (cranberry) saft and a couple of other flavors you might enjoy.  Yum!