Design on my mind

As ever when I have an empty momement between taking care of the kids, looking for work, maintaining Huset Lagom (the just right house) and working... phew, I tend to let my mind wander over to home decor. To be specific the land of dreamy, Swedish home decor where everything is in just the right place, colors are stark, and there never seems to be a scratched up couch or a dustball under the chair (do people even live in these houses?) Here's some new favs on that front from the blog 'Fashion Squad' by Carolina Engman (pictures via Svenska Mäklarhuset).  This people is how a home should be staged!
lovely livingroom

Here's another shot squad from a Danish townhouse which is just as beautiful and pristine.
A gorgeous danish home (via

Yummy.  My house is a mess but one can always dream.  The first thing I want to do is look into how to paint floors.  I love it, and just maybe I can talk handsome hubby into painting the dining room floor for me, what do you think?  EHow makes it look easy,, but what about resale value?  Would you buy a house with painted wood floors?


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