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Lego Land

Dear Heather,
You mentioned that you are planning a trip to Lego Land in Billund, Denmark and I blithely thought: I'll just send you a link to my blog post on our trip to Lego Land.  Huh?  What? Where is it?  How could I have been so lame as to not post about one of the most fun family trips that we took while living in Sweden?!  So a "little" late (um, sorry) here are some pics from our most excellent trip to Lego Land, Denmark in April, 2012. Sorry for the delay to all my super readers from around the globe and safe travels if you go!  Heather, we hope you and your family have as much fun there as we did. 
p.s. there's a new house that's been built all out of legos, and it's opening this week, check it out! 

p.s.s who wouldn't get a kick out of the video remake of Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" featuring Rupert Grint and his lego counterpart :-) Hope you do!