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Newport the lagom way

HI, thought I'd share my wanderings to Newport, RI in the spirit of "living lagom".  I have been rushing around, trying to find work, and getting the kids back into the swing of things, so I decided to take some "me" time in the beautiful Rhode Island hot spot with a great long-time friend and my paint brushes.  First up, dinner in the trendy "Salvation Cafe"( Here's me with my huge sangria... want some?  Try this recipe on for size, traditional red sangria, and don't forget the umbrella. ;-)
Next day, painting on the porch in a local seaside town.  I tried a new technique which I'm not too happy with but the bright color did seem induced by my cheery mood!
On Sunday I strapped on my sneaks and headed to the Cliff Walk, one of the most gorgeous walks I've been on.  What a day!  A walked for about an hour until I got to the southern most part which I guess is mainly rocks, and then I strolled all the way do…

Cave woman, good paleo eating and Stone Age Finds in Hanö

Hi, those of you who have read my blog know that I like to write about all things Viking.  It's a fun way to stay in touch with my heritage and experience your inner wild child,  But you may not know that I've also tried paleo cooking so I perhaps I'm really a cavewoman at heart.  :-)  Do you like to eat like a cave woman?  I do, it really makes you feel good, helps you lose weight and fills you up.  Of course I have fallen off the wagon more than once and endulged in bread, pasta and the like, but I have tried to minimize it.  The thought is maybe if I eat like a cave woman I can look more like this Planet of the Apes babe ...
than this one.  (Well, maybe I do look more like her anyhow.) Here's where I shamelessly plug my good friend's book on Paleo cooling (or high-fat, low-carb like they call it in Sweden).  You can look but you can't buy because it's sold out and is being reprinted for the third time!! You go Anne!  I can't wait to get my copy for C…

The Social Democrats Win!

Swedes have had their day at the polls and the results are in... Social Democrats came up ahead with 43.7 percent of the votes, and the governing coalitition formerly with Reinfeldt at the head got 39.3 percent. So a shift in the pervailing winds to the left, and back to a less business-friendly environment and one that embraces more of the old fashioned "cradle to grave" social experience in Sweden.
The Guardian wrote  on Friday, 9/12 before the polls that: "Löfven is ahead in the polls on promises to raise spending on schools and hospitals and raise taxes after eight years of Reinfeldt trimming welfare. But his lead has narrowed to single digits in recent weeks – in part due to doubts about the former trade unionist's experience to run the country. At stake is who will lead one ofEurope's most successful economies. Despite growth outdoing the eurozone since the financial crisis, a housing boom and falling taxes, Löfven hopes to capitalise on voters seeking a …

a bookbook

If nothing else you should watch this for the laughs (and the accent).  Love it!  Good job IKEA!
And this from someone who loves a real book (book).  :-)  No lag, and you can simply bookmark it!

Fashionably late?

Fashion Week has started in New York and I for one am having a hard time concentrating on fall clothing in this blistering heat.  But with that said, the cooler weather is right around the corner and as soon as it gets here I am going through my closet and making sense of what to buy for the coming season.
To be honest, mainly I will be poking around in vintage and consignment shops in order to save money and be environmentally conscious.  Plus I always love the challenge of how to snaze up an old outfit to fit today's looks.  This year I will be going for classic with a touch of bohemian.  I love the rich look of multicolored knits and the latent prep in me is jazzed that Fair Isles sweaters are showing up again!

Here's just a smattering of some of the exciting fashion design coming out of Sweden these days.  Sigh!  If only I had a bigger bank account I would hit the stores but I will check the links for inspiration and see if I can make something approximate with my old Si…