Fashionably late?

Fashion Week has started in New York and I for one am having a hard time concentrating on fall clothing in this blistering heat.  But with that said, the cooler weather is right around the corner and as soon as it gets here I am going through my closet and making sense of what to buy for the coming season.
Photos, left to right: Rodebjer; Peter Farago/
Sandra Backlund; Hope
To be honest, mainly I will be poking around in vintage and consignment shops in order to save money and be environmentally conscious.  Plus I always love the challenge of how to snaze up an old outfit to fit today's looks.  This year I will be going for classic with a touch of bohemian.  I love the rich look of multicolored knits and the latent prep in me is jazzed that Fair Isles sweaters are showing up again!

Here's just a smattering of some of the exciting fashion design coming out of Sweden these days.  Sigh!  If only I had a bigger bank account I would hit the stores but I will check the links for inspiration and see if I can make something approximate with my old Singer sewing machine and some ingenuity.  (Not that I could even attempt to do anything like Sandra Backlund with her amazing geometric knits. The clean lines of Dagmar are probably more in line with my look anyway.) Perhaps I could win the lottery.  Wish me luck! :-)

Sandra Backlund is known for her hand-knitted, oversized designs. Backlund has made a splash on the international scene and has worked with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Emilio Pucci and Louis Vuitton.
Hope, comprising the design duo of Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg, has long been synonymous with Swedish and Scandinavian style. The two specialise in clean, simple lines and well-made details, and seek to produce garments that last.
Carin Rodebjer’s formula is effortless elegance for all occasions for the modern and universal woman. In 2011, Rodebjer launched a web shop and established its first international branch in New York.
Dagmar is run by three sisters and known for its modern take on knitwear. Seen on the likes of Beyoncé, the label’s sensual and unconventional designs have had considerable international success.  See the latest poster below for pre-Fall, 2014 collection.


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