Newport the lagom way

HI, thought I'd share my wanderings to Newport, RI in the spirit of "living lagom".  I have been rushing around, trying to find work, and getting the kids back into the swing of things, so I decided to take some "me" time in the beautiful Rhode Island hot spot with a great long-time friend and my paint brushes.  First up, dinner in the trendy "Salvation Cafe"( Here's me with my huge sangria... want some?  Try this recipe on for size, traditional red sangria, and don't forget the umbrella. ;-)
Next day, painting on the porch in a local seaside town.  I tried a new technique which I'm not too happy with but the bright color did seem induced by my cheery mood!
On Sunday I strapped on my sneaks and headed to the Cliff Walk, one of the most gorgeous walks I've been on.  What a day!  A walked for about an hour until I got to the southern most part which I guess is mainly rocks, and then I strolled all the way down Belleville Avenue.
For those of you not familiar with Newport, there's a ton of mansions (formerly known as summer cottages owned by the Astors and other notable 19th century swells) up and down this magnificent street.  Some like the Marble House (596 Belleville Ave) and "Rosecliff" (548 Belleville Ave) have been featured in movies such as "The Great Gatsby" with Mia Farrows and Robert Redford (1974). The Vanderbilt's summer cottage -- below.
 Another shot of the view along the Cliff Walk.  Isn't it amazing?
Thanks for a wonderful and relaxing weekend away my friend!  Living la vida lagom (living just right) is finally in action.


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