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Back in the USSA

Very sleepy.  I can't seem to get over this jetlag, wish I could hop into bed (this bed) right now.  But no, nicht, nej - it's not time to sleep, and this is not my bed.  Wish it was, but it's a beautiful shot from "Helt Enkelt" a Swedish blog that I enjoy.  Check it out here if you need a fix of pretty pictures at like the ones below.  These photos are all taken by Anna-Malin.

She is good don't you think?  Inspiration from Sweden I said, and so, there you go.  Hoping you have a wonderful and productive day today, unlike me, yawn! ;-)

Off to Sweden! Sverige, Sverige Fosterland!

Off to Sweden for a visit today - yes, I know it sounds all exciting and cosmopolitan but as we all know about international travel it's like one looooong bus trip these days.  (With Checkpoint Charlie along the way making you feel little and scared.)  Well the passport is in order, the bag is packed and the kids will be well taken care of by my handsome hubby and his parents so I'm ready. Look for new fresh ideas and inspiration when I get back!  Here's some blue and yellow pictures from the old country:

Summer dreaming (and scheming)

Thinking of summer?  I am.  I'm pining for it, dreaming of it, longing for it... the winter has been sooooo cold and long.  Here we are in May (Första Maj Välkommen!) and it's just now starting to look like spring.  So with that in mind I'm stealing some summery ideas from friends across the globe.
Idea One from RubyEllen at a Beautiful Mess

Make a wax cloth hobo bag for the beach -- love wax cloth and own a lot of it,  It's so easy to clean and perfect for a beach bag.  I like the looks of this one too, so it's worth a try. Hobo Bag

Idea Two from Philia at House of Philia, a Swedish blogger

Go on a diet -- her go-to breakfast in a thin layer of chevre cheese on Finn Crisp topped with pear.  It sounds good, and I like that there's a coffee to go with!  The other meals I'm not sure about - any ideas?

Idea Three from Popular Mechanics 

Make a treehouse -- ok, so this one is seriously involved but maybe with some hubby help?  Here's the link tree house. It would…