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New York, New York!


Swedish Christmas shopping and Christmas Markets

Good morning everyone.  Feeling nostalgic today for all the wonderful Christmas markets in Sweden that start to take place this time of year.  Here's a picture of Svaneholm, a castle in Southern Sweden, that hosted one a couple of years back that we attended.  The kids are all bundled up, it was cold, drinking hot chocolate and eating bullar (Swedish cardomon buns.)  Music played and it was lovely.
Mmmm, the crisp, cold weather coupled with the smell of glögg and fir trees, the handmade gifts, and special foods and lights all combine to create a very special memory.  I love the Christmas Market in Tivoli too which I wrote about here,  Here are some great ideas for Swedish Christmas Markets right here in the States, Jul markets.

Of course a big part of the holidays is the shopping for food, goodies and gifts.  Here are some of the places that I get my Swedish food fix in the Boston area:…

Color my vida

Color, love it, but it can be too much.  Trying to figure out the golden mean of color ... when to stop and when it blast it on!  I am really loving a bright citrus yellow for our house right now, like this:
 or this:
I am so enamored of bright yellow and blue.  Could it be because of this? ;-)
Have a colorful day!

Time to cook Mårtens goose

My family is from the south of Sweden, Skåne, where it's time to cook your goose.  This celebrated medieval holiday, which of tradition takes place on November 11th or Mårtens day, is named after Martin av Tours who, as the legend goes, hid in with the geese when they tried to crown him bishop.  The geese cackled and gave him away.  Ha, ha!  Not everyone wants to get into politics.  See's+goose+is+cooked
The Swedes of rank and privilege often ate goose before fasting for 40 days (the medieval diet).  This was most likely not the case for the poor people of Skåne whom Linne (the famous Swedish botanist Carl von Linne, 1707 - 1778) during his trip there in 1749 found to be among the poorest and most miserable that he had ever seen.  They were so cut off that the villagers of Skanör and Falsterbo didn't even know one another!  (These villages are only about 2 miles or 3.2 kilometers apart.)   On the positive side the people of Falsterbo w…

Father's Day November 8

Happy Swedish Father's Day!  Love all you Swedish men who are such great fathers, share in the chores and take care of the kids.  You deserve a wonderful day!  If you are so inclined read more about gender equality in Sweden here,

The battle of the beige!

Well I recently won one battle but not yet the war on beige!  See the pictures from my son's newly painted orange wall. (We call him El Tangerino because he loves orange so much.)  I only did one accent wall in case he tires of it, and it came out great.  I mixed two Benjamin Moore colors - Sweet Orange and August Morning - because one was too bright and the other too brown, but together the paint is perfect.  We call the color "Sweet Morning" and I hope my "gubbe" has a sweet orange morning every day in his newly painted room. Also, check out the welcome sign made with his old socks.  We welcomed him home from camp with the sign and the surprise paint job.  Note, it's his art on the wall!  It's so good to have him home at La Casa Lagom.  :-)

Gustaf Adolf would approve


I'm a lumber jack and I'm OK

Looks like I have a new DIY project on the shelf -- turning my jeans into a semblance of Junya Watanabe's patched ones that, according to The New York Times (Sunday, 11/3/13), are all the rage in Paris.  NYT "On the Street" by Bill Cunningham Why not?  My boyfriend jeans are all ripped and stained with oil paints so it could only help the look.  Besides I seriously need to jazz up my look.  Anyone out there is cyberspace have suggestions on how to easily make a couple of quick, fun wardrobe changes for fall?

One thing I do want to do is adding a wardrobe rack so that my favorite fun items are out there, and easily accessible.  Pus as many Swedish interior mags have shown us, clothing can be art.  I'm planning on adding a rack to our dining room with a shelf for hats and space for my funnest coats and dresses.  This way if the dinner guests are so inclined we can quickly put on a charade or Mad Hatter tea party without any effort!  More pics to follow...

the aftereffects of Halloween...

Candy, candy and more candyTeeth brushing, flossing and mouthwash (I make the kids do this for about two days)Funny pictures on Facebook of all our friends' anticsWatching the kids compare and auction of their goodies (a hoot)leftover costume parts all over the house (for example makeup and fake blood in bathroom)squirrel eaten pumpkin in the front yardCandy and alcohol-induced hangoversDid I mention funny pictures on FB? Hubby and I were foxes in honor of the internet pariah "Ylvis".  If you read my blog you'll see I was immersed in making these costumes up until the last day, but they came out pretty good.  Luckily for us there wasn't anyone interested in filming our interpretive dance of "What does the fox say?"  Thank goodness for that although it did get some laughs!  Hope you had a fun Halloween too, we missed our friends in Sweden this year, but we hope that you partied and had a blast too without us.  One more time for that video, just to really…