New York, New York!

Matilda the Musical on Broadway
Sorry I haven't blogged in a while but we have had a busy couple of weeks.  This weekend is of course Thanksgiving (yeah!) and last weekend we took it easy recuperating from a wonderful weekend in New York City.  This is a brief overview of NYC and what we did, which was basically only touching the tip of the tip of the iceberg that is Manhattan.  Mainly we went to see the theater -- everyone got to see Matilda the musical based on a subversive children's book by Roald Dahl -- a play that we all loved.  Read more here, Matilda
Then parents, aka handsome hubby and I, were lucky enough to see "A Midsummer's Night Dream", with my father at the brand-new Brooklyn home of "Theater for a New Audience" produced by Julie Taymor.  Julie Taymor is the woman who directed the "The Lion King" and "Spider Man - Turn Off the Dark" on Broadway, and I feel that this production with its eerie fairy world and wild woods does not disappoint.  She is a true artist and I love how she paints her vision with costumes, scenery, and yes, in this case flying.  Puck,  played by Kathryn Hunter, especially was amazingly elflike and flexible in all her various guises and poses.
I also enjoyed the Chagall Exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Art.  Chagall is one of my personal favs and his art is still so inspiring.  Chagall wore his heart on his sleeve and keeping his memories of his childhood and loves ever present in his work, striving for optimism even in the face of Bolshevik Revolution and World War II.  His works about Bella, his first wife, will melt your heart.  I find the couple on the chicken to be so romantic.  A chicken flying into the night sky with the two loves, kind of reminiscent of "A Midsummer's Night Dream", actually.  There is a lot of family in his paintings too, and symbols representing his homeland. 

 This is an approach I only touched upon in my recent work, "Fika Paus", and a style I want to explore more when I have the time to paint again.  Chagall reminds us to be open, and expressive and I love that.  I am very grateful that we were able to go to New York and enjoy so much theater and art with my family.
Happy Thanksgiving! 


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