I'm a lumber jack and I'm OK

Looks like I have a new DIY project on the shelf -- turning my jeans into a semblance of Junya Watanabe's patched ones that, according to The New York Times (Sunday, 11/3/13), are all the rage in Paris.  NYT "On the Street" by Bill Cunningham Why not?  My boyfriend jeans are all ripped and stained with oil paints so it could only help the look.  Besides I seriously need to jazz up my look.  Anyone out there is cyberspace have suggestions on how to easily make a couple of quick, fun wardrobe changes for fall?

One thing I do want to do is adding a wardrobe rack so that my favorite fun items are out there, and easily accessible.  Pus as many Swedish interior mags have shown us, clothing can be art.  I'm planning on adding a rack to our dining room with a shelf for hats and space for my funnest coats and dresses.  This way if the dinner guests are so inclined we can quickly put on a charade or Mad Hatter tea party without any effort!  More pics to follow...


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