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The Swedish Theory of Love

I truly hope to be able to see this movie which explores some themes that I myself have found disturbing in Sweden recently.  The coldness that comes from strangers, the lack of simple human interactions which are being replaced by technology, and the feeling that although the country is very well-off that people are missing something.  It makes you wonder -- how is it that people who live in such a great country complain all the time?  I don't know if it's just human nature to want more and not appreciate what you already have, or if the Swedes are more morose than others.  I think that this film may have hit the nail on the head in terms of the loneliness epidemic in the country.  I always love being in Sweden because I see family and friends, but if that wasn't the case it would be awfully hard to meet people there.  Gandini, the writer of The Swedish Theory of Love, was interviewed in The Local to whom he was quoted as saying the following:
I was very disturbed during…

Nordic Middle Days


God Jul!


We wish you a Merry Goat Christmas!

As they say in today's Daily Mail Action Aid has jumped on the silly goat bandwagon to bring us 8 Christmas carols by  yes, you guessed it, goats!  Please read more here at Daily Mail, and if you have any extra cash after all the shoping, please consider donating a goat to a family in need.  In America you can do so thorough "" for only $120 or Oxfam.  Listening to their new goat CD will have you bleeting a "delightful" Christmas ditty in no time . LOL

the temptation of Jansson

So the 4th Advent has come and gone, and what a wonderful weekend we had!  Saturday was a great day spent watching the new Star Wars movie and caroling with friends at their annual XMAS party.  Sunday I enjoyed a delicious Christmas brunch (julbord) with Swedish friends.

We had meatballs,  little hot dogs, salad with beets and apples, knäckebröd, cheese, glögg and Janssons frestelse aka temptation.  I don't know what it was about potatoes, anchovies and cream that drove Jansson to distraction but it is good.  I made it for our little get-together and the recipe is linked  I didn't have Swedish anchovies so I used the Italian ones which seemed to work.

Now we're watching "Rare Exports", a Finnish movie about a bad Santa Claus.  It is nerve wracking for sure and I'm not sure if I will watch the whole movie.  (I'm not much for horror movies, I just wanted to see Finland and the landscape there.) Finnish men are reputed to be rough and tough, drinkers and m…

Alicia Vikander Shares Swedish Glogg with Will Ferrell and Jimmy

Who doesn't love Will Ferrell?  And his wife is Swedish which endears me to him even more.  Here's the new Santa speaking Swedish with Alicia Vikander.  Those glasses of glögg are huge!

Lucia soon, get ready!

Tusen tack to the person who posted this on Facebook, this will come in handy! :-) St. Lucia is on Sunday December 13th and I can't wait to get the kids into the groove as well as into their white robes!  It is one of the best days of the year in Sweden and at Huset Lagom (house just right).  Time to practice!  The song sounds like this when done right --
Hi, postscript - here's me at school singing St. Lucia for the kindergartners.  I just love doing this. They love it too.  :)

Nobel Prizes 2015

So the important passing out of the Nobel prizes happened with all the pomp and circumstance that the Swedes can muster today.  A beautiful meal was served in the Blue Hall of Stockholm's glorious City Hall for dignataries, winners, and royalty.

Seinabo Sey and Anna Ternheim were two Swedish musical artists that performed at the event.  I had never heard of the Swedish-born, Gambian-bred Sey but wow, what a voice!  It compares to Beyonce and Adele. Check out her contribution to the festivities below, the song "Poetic".  Just beautiful, and I love the harp too.

Congratulations to all of the 2015 winners! Also a link to more information on last year's event.  Please enjoy the beautiful music by Seinabo Sey, a Swede.

Christmas Joy

Here is an amazing idea for the holidays - instead of making a gingerbread house how about making a chocolate house!  You need 6 large bars of chocolate.  First cut out the windows and doors, they recommend microwaving the piece that you are cutting for 7 - 9 secs before cutting to make it easier,
... and then melt the cut chocolate and glue the house together using melted chocolate.  Yum!  Using white icing add the piping around the door and windows and into the funnels on the roof.  They suggest that it's easier to do the piping before you construct the house.  The woman on the video will show you how to make the adorable icicles (so much better than ice dams) and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  It's in Swedish but images speak a thousand words and you'll figure it out because my readers are smart.  So there.  Voila!

But for those of you whose creations using end up on the Pinterest Nailed-it Fail page, here is another video from Sweden - perhaps more understandable - fr…

Art and Kids!