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Blogging before

Please let me know what you think, and let me know how you’ve made the transition from all out obsessed mother of two worrying about every nap and diaper change, to a woman with a full, balanced life and bigger children (who still need me but in different ways).  Because of course, as with everything, the islands are a metaphor for a better me – lovelier, serene, and self contained – a place where you have everything you need and do not want for things “off island”.  It’s worth a shot! (From: ©2010)
Hello, feeling a little sentimental today as I found my old blog on wordpress.  I'd been playing around with the idea of blogging for a while before heading to Bornholm with handsome hubby for our 10th anniversary.  There I came upon the realization that I, like many other people, love islands. I wanted to take that easy-breezy feeling (aka lagom) into my "real" life and help it grow.  This was my first attempt at blogging.  Check it out…

Happy Swedish Mothers Day!

Grattis på morsdagen!

Free Viking Coloring Pages – Printer Ready

Here's something fun for you to do this weekend - feel like coloring a Viking? 😉 Wishing you all a Happy Memorial  Day weekend! What are you Americans going to do  with your extra day off? FreeColoring Pages – Printer Ready

What's your sign baby?

I'm an Aquarian.  According to this blog post (Mind Body Green) the best time for me to work out is in the morning.  Ha, ha!  I don't believe for a minute but I will suspend disbelief for a moment because someone asked me to work out with her at 5:00 AM.  Um, ok, I thought.  I never get up any earlier than I absolutely have to, and I actually slept through my alarm clock twice this week, but yeah maybe.  Maybe I will!  That's definitive isn't it?  ;-)  I hope that I can readjust this summer and make positive changes to my work out routine. How about you? When do you work out? Also, in addition to being born in the winter, I am also a Wednesday baby which stinks as in "full of woe".  I always detested that Sunday child!  Ha, ha! 😄  Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend All!
Monday's child is fair of face,Tuesday's child is full of grace,Wednesday's child is full of woe,Thursday's child has far to go,Friday's child is loving and giving,Saturday&…

Bike pimp

I yarn bombed my bike.  Been wanting to do this for a while. Do you like it?  ;)
There are so many fun pics on the internet that inspired me.  Check this out -

Nerdy- wordy post

Hello dear readers, hope that you are having a lovely Sunday.  We're busy at La Casa Lagom with soccer, end of year school reports, and planning for new business venture so not so lagom right now. But balance will prevail once the pieces fall into place, and snart är de sommar!!! (soon it's summer!) Or as Gyllene Tider says: "Sommartiden"! :)

Being a teacher has its perks, particurarly a nice long vacation with family.  Can't wait to head to Sweden! I have been teaching the boy Swedish in the car on our way to his highschool.  He spent a year there in 4th grade but now that he is in 9th he needs a serious refresher.  We sing songs and go over the grammar.  Perhaps that's why I found this article so interesting. We will be practicing our Swedish all summer, it's actually a pretty easy language to learn for English-speakers.  Check out why here - Here's a c…

Swedish Watches and one heck of a bagpipe player (Gunhild Carling)

Hello everyone, and Happy Monday!  I am currently salivating over a pretty little Sigrid watch by Mockberg.  Isn't this cute?  It's on sale for Mother's Day. I don't know does being a mother give you the right to buy something nice for yourself? ;-) I mean little cards from the kids and flowers from handsome hubby is all very nice, and I'm not complaining, but this is a pretty little watch. Here's a link to a lineup of unique Swedish watch brands that you may want to peruse for something different:
Also, I promised you a kick-*** bagpipe player. and here she is!  What an amazing player!  Sometimes I like Facebook for the funny things that show up in my feed.  This woman is just amazing.  She can play just about anything and lives it up.  Check out her solo at at about one minute in - you'll be astonished.  Have you ever heard the bagpipes sound so good?!  Happy Mond…

Eurovision 2017! Update #2

Closing results:  Salvador Sobral from Portugal won with "Amar pelos dois", Bulgaria came in second and Moldovia came in third.  Sweden was 5th place.  I think personally that there was a voters back-lash against the heavily produced dance songs.  Portugal's song was a very laid-back, Bossa-Nova inspired and emotional piece.  In his acceptance speech Sobral said: “We live in a world of disposable music; fast food music without any content. I think this could be a victory for music with people who make music that actually means something,” he announced.  Hmm, sore loser?   Robin Bengtsson thought so saying “Congrats on your victory, I really like your song and the way you sing it, but I think your speech after winning the ESC was below the level of a true winner. ‘Fast food’ pop music can be the best thing in the world at the right place and time, so can a song beautiful as yours. There is room for everyone.“ Oh, strong words from a Swede! ;) More information on all the res…