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Frames & Paint & ART

Good morning all! Today I'm finally thinking ART!  It's been a super busy year (not very lagom at all) so what is a tired teacher to do? Wait until the summer, natch, to break out those paintbrushes and get to work. On today's agenda is buy some big *** canvases. Yes, I'm going to break out the big guns because I have a show next May in a large venue, see above.  Last year's art show was in my house so my existing work worked nicely. Here are some landscapes and a portrait that I painted in typical smaller sizes (most are for sale by the way).

Next year I'm showing in that huge space with three other artists and I want to go big or go home. :) So, I'm popping a link into here on how to make large frames inexpensively because the size I'll be using is 36 x 48 or 36 x 36. The motif is horses.  Do you like these studies? I'll be working more on other studies next week.  Should be interesting. That's it for now! Ha det så gott.

Happy Midsummer! Glad Midsommar!

Hello lovely readers, it finally is the last day of school and I'm celebrating!! It's finally nice weather, I have a beautiful lunch to attend, and a fun movie with a good friend will cap off my night. Tomorrow is "Midsommar" the day when Swedes of all ages wear flower crowns in their hair and jump around like frogs.  Ha, ha!  There's singing, dancing and drinking to be had and it's a lot of fun.  I miss it but I wish all my Swedish friends the best time ever and good weather! Glad Midsommar! More information on the festivities here.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Swedish summer for those of you who have never been. And if you've never been, go!  The prices are right.  Norwegian Air has entered the market for the Americans would like to go to their "homeland" and WOW! and Icelandair are competing by lowering their prices. Plus the dollar is strong. Let me know if you need advice.  I love playing travel agent, and if I can help you out …

CO2 Neutral

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all well and looking forward to your weekend.  While I should be blogging about Midsommar which will be held on Friday, June 23rd this weather has gotten me down.  Rain, rain go away already!!  How much rain do we really need?  And then it's hot, and then it's rain.  Ugh!  What I wouldn't give for another day like the one we spent recently in Boston?  Glorious sun and 70 degrees Fahrenheit = perfection!  Check out the pics.  We love Boston!

May was a wash, June is turning into one, but global warming?  "Nix" says our new president who wants to "preserve the coal industry". Huh?  No one said it made any sense but that was the promise he made, and without understanding the implications of the Paris Agreement he pulled the USA out. Makes me want to scream.  Sweden on the other hand recently voted to net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions by 2045.“With Donald Trump planning to pull out of the Paris agreement, now more than ever d…

How to be more Scandinavian

I'm getting ready for a trip to Scandinavia this summer so I thought I'd brush up on my "skills". My son and I are speaking Swedish, the clogs have come out (and they're not going back into the closet until there's snow on the ground) and I'm using my "osthyvel" more frequently.  I found this article on Scandikitchen and I think it's pretty spot on.  Mmmm, toast and jam. :)  And I really do want a "Fjällräven" backpack!  Thanks for the laugh Scandikitchen.

Fun stuffInside ScandiKitchenEvents & Community How to be more Scandinavian in your everyday life Posted by Bronte Aurell | CommunityFun stuffInside ScandiKitchenScandi Life Also known as: Quirky traits of the Scandinavian people. We asked on Facebook and Twitter for your help on this. Thanks to everybody who came up with some awesome suggestions: The slicing of cheese It’s a thing. A big thing (especially in Sweden). Do not cut the end of the cheese if it’s a triangle, al…