Frames & Paint & ART

Good morning all! Today I'm finally thinking ART!  It's been a super busy year (not very lagom at all) so what is a tired teacher to do? Wait until the summer, natch, to break out those paintbrushes and get to work. On today's agenda is buy some big *** canvases. Yes, I'm going to break out the big guns because I have a show next May in a large venue, see above.  Last year's art show was in my house so my existing work worked nicely. Here are some landscapes and a portrait that I painted in typical smaller sizes (most are for sale by the way).

Next year I'm showing in that huge space with three other artists and I want to go big or go home. :) So, I'm popping a link into here on how to make large frames inexpensively because the size I'll be using is 36 x 48 or 36 x 36. The motif is horses.  Do you like these studies? I'll be working more on other studies next week.  Should be interesting. That's it for now! Ha det så gott.


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