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Happy New Year!

Dear readers, wishing you all a Very Happy New Year filled with love, and prosperity plus a little something magical to make it extra special!  Thank you for continuing to read my blog.  
Next summer we're headed to Sweden which will make my year extra special too!  xo


Have you read about this adorable little thing they're doing in Malmö?  They've created a miniature restaurant for mice called Il Topolino on Bergsgatan with a store called Noix de Vie!  James Corden puts it best on The Late, Late Show by stating "So Sweden is the Best Place Ever". Just get past the political stuff on this video and you'll be in the know.  Otherwise here's a link that will explain the newest, and smallest art work to hit the streets of Malmö.  Hope that you like it!  The mice do!
This begs the question "Why the hell are we not living in Sweden?"  :-)

2016 God Jul!

I know it's not really time for a time travel, review-your-year type post yet, but I was just working on a photo book and it was making me all sentimental like. 2016 was brought to you by the letter "L". Lots of love, laughs, learning and limiting goals.  How's that work you say?  ;-)  I think it's the letting-go that sometimes lets things in.

I decided to focus on my new job teaching Montessori (hence the learning) at the expense of growing Start2Art, my art teaching biz.  It just seemed smarter to do one thing right than be pulled in so many directions.  Plus of course I had the third "job" at home, the busiest and most important one of kids and household.  And my blog!  Thank you!  You did get put on hold, a bit, but you stuck with me so I appreciate that.

Also art was on my to-do list this year and that paid off in spades!  I sold my first painting, actually THREE, and I am thrilled!  There's more space on my walls so now I need to make the t…

Party Time!

Check out these amazing sandwiches that my friend made for my art show on Thursday.  They were front and center on the smörgåsbord and looked as well as tasted delicious.  The party was a great success, and I'll post more pictures soon, but first take a peek at how to make Swedish sammies. :)  

Artistic inspiration and stressing out!

Hi everyone, I'm pulling together my Nordic Niche goodies and many oil paintings to show and hoping to make it fun night for friends.  There will be music, good food, glögg and things for sale including succulents.  I hope that people will see that I can paint and perhaps help me out by buying some of my things so that I have the room to make more!  Some of my things for sale include Swedish textiles found and made (above).  Here I am hard at work in the Swedish studio (I work in a basement now). ;-) This painting is never going to be sold - it's a fond memory of my children on a rock in Gotland.  My babies... so sweet.  This will hang over my desk forever.  Other things will be available for bargain basement prices, tee, hee.  Hope that it's a fun, memorable night!

Swedish Advent

Hi everyone, it's already the second Advent!  I can't believe it.  My mother was here all week from Sweden.  It was a lovely week with play-watching (little K was in "It's a Wonderful Life"), nice dinners out, and a musical topper of songs from World Way II sung in a quavery voice by a sweet woman accompanied by a wonderful pianist.  I am so glad that the weather improved from falling down rain to a bright sunshiny day.  In Sweden second advent is "celebrated" by lighting the second candle in a row of four.  It's basically the countdown to Christmas, and the Christmas markets are in full splendour, glögg is quaffed, and people start to bake for Lucia. I hope that you are finding this time of year special and not too stressful.

I, of course, made life hard for myself by planning a Christmas party/art show on the 15th which coincedes with my last day of work before the holiday break.  That's how I roll!  😸 But Mamma has helped me prepare my Swed…