2016 God Jul!

I know it's not really time for a time travel, review-your-year type post yet, but I was just working on a photo book and it was making me all sentimental like. 2016 was brought to you by the letter "L". Lots of love, laughs, learning and limiting goals.  How's that work you say?  ;-)  I think it's the letting-go that sometimes lets things in.

I decided to focus on my new job teaching Montessori (hence the learning) at the expense of growing Start2Art, my art teaching biz.  It just seemed smarter to do one thing right than be pulled in so many directions.  Plus of course I had the third "job" at home, the busiest and most important one of kids and household.  And my blog!  Thank you!  You did get put on hold, a bit, but you stuck with me so I appreciate that.
Me on the right with my work, and my painting buddy with her painting on left

Also art was on my to-do list this year and that paid off in spades!  I sold my first painting, actually THREE, and I am thrilled!  There's more space on my walls so now I need to make the time and space to fill them up with new paintings.  I also am working on fitting art classes into my new teaching position, more on that hopefully in 2017. Fingers crossed. :)

So, what's next?  More Montessori, more painting, more being a mom, and hopefully more travel.  I feel the need, the need for seeing new things and exploring new places.  So, if you know someone like me, here's some thoughts for gifts: the-ultimate-gift-guide-for-travelers/  And that's how I tie this blog post up with a big Christmas bow! God Jul to y'all! 


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