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Swedish food cravings

Hej!  I am headed home to Skåne soon, can't wait, and thinking about what to stock up on while I'm there.  This photo was posted on a Swedish FB site of someone's stash.  The Swede received this lovely grouping of Swedish macaroni, chocolate, and oatmeal from a visitor.  She asked what other Swedes like to get from home -- here are some of the ideas that followed:

falukorv (big round sausage)meatballs (really, can you bring meat into the States?)saucesMannagryn, messmör och jäst (this is just weird - the first one is porridge, the second a gross brown cheese, and the third is yeast)sour cream (from someone who lives on Sicily)candy of all kinds (yeah, I'm with you on that one!)Swedish cheese and salamiJohnny's mustard (yup, I do that) and Kalle's Kaviar (we have that at IKEA but still a good idea!)Bregott (a blend of butter and margarine that Swedes eat on the sandwiches which is so good)
And the list goes on and on and on.  On person remarked, how do you have r…

Glad Midsommar! Happy Midsummer!

It's the day of feasting and dancing, singing and smiling.  I am headed to NY so I can't participate in the annual bacchanal but I will have fun celebrating my niece's graduation (although in a more subdued manner.)

Leaving you now with some information on Swedish midsommar and a beautiful Evert Taube melody sung by his son Sven-Bertil Taube, the Swedish uber-troubadour.  Happy Midsummer everyone!  Leave 9 flowers under your pillow tonight and you'l dream of your intended. :)

Art Update

Lovely friends and former students, I haven't had much time to reach out to you or even to make a painting, sketch a drawing, or write an idea down lately.  The weekends have been full of fun trips to see family and getting ready for the end of the school year, but I wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about ART and how fun it is!

As a matter of fact I am hoping to do a lot more of my own art this summer and develop my style.  I hope that you will understand that that means scaling back on teaching art, which I love, but can't do simultaneously. There are other local classes in case you need to spark your creative output this summer: the library has free classes on Mondays, July 8, 15 and 22; Colorful Kids in Amesbury is offering art summer camps for $225/week; and my friends at Youth Services have artistic classes as well.

Just keep on drawing and making art using whatever materials you have available like shells, stones, or Legos.  There's a lot that yo…

Hej då Mamma!

My own ambassadress from Sweden left today on her travels.  I'll miss you but see you soon in the homeland! We visited Kittery Maine together.  Turns out that there's a lot more than outlets there - like an amazing noodle shop named Anju (7 Wallingford Square #102, Kittery, ME 03904) and some hipster stores such as "Folk" with beautiful handmade items.
We also liked a little cooperative gallery on Route One with some beautiful things including fish chimes made of wood, and interesting felted items.

I hope that you'll have a great weekend.  Here it's beautiful weather and we will enjoy the weekend with LOTS of family. (See pic.) More to report later.  Safe travels to my mother and family.

Kram! (Hug)

The "goodest" country

Sweden has been ranked the "goodest country" by Good Country Index creator Simon Aholt.   As he told The Local: “Sweden must be bored of coming top in every bloody country index but that’s the fact of the matter.”  So what does that mean?  Well it has been deemed to make the greatest contribution to humanity as a whole. I am proud to be Swedish, I know that there are things that are wrong there, and that America is wonderful in many ways too, but given this election season it sure is nice to remember that I have a Swedish passport!  Evidence of goodness exists in the Swedes who came upon the Stanford rapist and stopped him, holding him until the police came. Carl-Fredrik Arndt and Peter Jonsson were biking home when they came across Brock Turner in an alley on top of the passed out girl.  He was moving a lot, they said, and she not at all, which they found very strange.  Realizing once they stopped what was going on one of the young men helped the girl and the other ran afte…

Happy Swedish National Day!

This dog is kind of awesome and very Swedish with his dour expression and "tre kronor" shirt.  It's Swedish National Day so why not dress up your dog and get on your blue and yellow?
Congratulations to Swedes everywhere!

Places to go, people to see...

Boo, hoo. Didn't win the dinner anywhere in the world raffle again!  This year if I had won, I would have whisked handsome hubby and myself off to Marrakesh.  This excellent blog post by Maryam Montague who lives in Marrakesh provides an excellent insider scoop to the restaurants that abound. Le Foundouk with its mix of international and Moroccan cuisine might have been a good choice. Last year I was dreaming of visiting Istanbul.  I'm going to have to head over that way soon!  I love to travel and explore.

Cultural Night

Here we are - the intrepid cultural night committee! See my post "baking bullar" about the lead up.  I hope that we were able to make a little bit of difference in broadening people's perspectives, and taste-buds.  I'm the one popping out of my striped skirt, it was a little hard to button up this year.  Urk! Leading me to my next adventure... exercising the summer away.  :)  And it's almost here folks!  I am very exited to see my personal ambassadress from Sweden soon (my mamma) and then head to the homeland for a short visit in July.  Hopefully I'll come back with some fresh inspiration for you all.  Hej så länge!

baking bullar

Swedish buns, mmm, could there be anything better?  Get your mind out of the gutter folks, I'm talking about bread here! :-) Every time I make "bullar" the house smells like home. I love the sweet cinnamon smell and the way it allows for stress relief when I pound away on the warm dough.

Today I'm making vetebröd (Swedish coffee bun recipe here) for the Multicultural fair that we have every year in our little town.  I've been the resident Swede for so long at this event, I think I'm ready to pass on the torch.  Any takers?

Then again, I do love when the little kids ask me questions, and someone remembers that Aunt Anna came from Sweden.  It stirs up conversations between young and old about their own heritage and what it means to them.  Some people even know a word or two in Swedish!  Like "fin flicka" (nice girl) or something like that.  It's a nice event, but now that my own rascals are growing up and unwilling to help I think I might hang up …