Swedish food cravings

Hej!  I am headed home to Skåne soon, can't wait, and thinking about what to stock up on while I'm there.  This photo was posted on a Swedish FB site of someone's stash.  The Swede received this lovely grouping of Swedish macaroni, chocolate, and oatmeal from a visitor.  She asked what other Swedes like to get from home -- here are some of the ideas that followed:

  • falukorv (big round sausage)
  • meatballs (really, can you bring meat into the States?)
  • sauces
  • Mannagryn, messmör och jäst (this is just weird - the first one is porridge, the second a gross brown cheese, and the third is yeast)
  • sour cream (from someone who lives on Sicily)
  • candy of all kinds (yeah, I'm with you on that one!)
  • Swedish cheese and salami
  • Johnny's mustard (yup, I do that) and Kalle's Kaviar (we have that at IKEA but still a good idea!)
  • Bregott (a blend of butter and margarine that Swedes eat on the sandwiches which is so good)

swedish dreams cookies by swedish dreamish from www.pinterest.comAnd the list goes on and on and on.  On person remarked, how do you have room in your suitcases for all that?  I just said that I was getting hungry. ;-)  I will def. check out a local ICA when I'm home and pick up some sweet licorice, chocolates, a bag of candies for the kids, and some Kalles when I'm there.  I may also look for some "hjortonsalt" with which you can make this delectable cookie called Swedish Dreams.  Photo thanks go to Swedish Dreamish!



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