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Kurbits on my mind

I've been fooling around with kurbits and painting the multi-colored gourds in an old time style lately. Painting kurbits is very complicated and I hope you enjoy this simple attempt to put some of the old-time look into a more modern drawing.  I used my daughter's gel pens and fooled around until I had some of the style captured in her hair. (I'd actually really like to have some earrings like these!)  For more on modern kurbits take a look at what they're selling in Sweden, and here for a great website on about Swedish craft by Frida .

the game of life

We've been playing a lot of Life lately - you know that board game where the men are blue, women are pink, and they drive around all day in itty-bitty cars procreating and having a heck of a time. If only, right?  ;-)  My daughter quickly learned to be a doctor, the "best" job because you easily snag $100,000 every time you passed go.  My son got "stuck" being an accountant two times running which was pretty hysterical they thought.  He "only" made $80,000.  A teacher made $45,000 (hey, actually pretty spot on) so NO ONE wanted to be that!  Made me think, why do I want to be a teacher?  And should I actually give up (again).  Here's the back story....

Once upon a time a young idealist graduated top of her class in education with a great job and a song in her heart.  She was going to work in education teaching second graders to love learning!  She welcomed the little ones to the classroom and they had a fantastic first day playing games, + getting …

Cat lady thanks you

Ha, ha!  Wanted to thank all my wonderful readers for checking in to see how I'm doing here at La Vida Lagom!  Thanks to you I'm excited to say that I'm almost at 30,000 views.  So raising a glass to you and to the good fight of trying to stay sane and balanced in this stressful world with all kinds of fantastic things to do, people to meet, and websites to explore.  So thanks for viewing mine, and let me know how I could improve it.  I wish I was more of an expert on life but just trying to keep it "lagom".  Skål!

Kurbits today and "This is Sweden" at Ahlens

Drool, drool ... of course I'm drooling over Ahlens spectacular line "This is Sweden", who wouldn't?  I love the use of the kurbits motive (see here for more on what that is), the inclusion of iconic Swedish crafts like Dala horses (Dalahäst, see below) and other typical Swedish items like the Samisk bracelets. (Shown in pink but I greedily want one in all the colors.) 
Check out the clogs too. which are so comfortable and well-priced right now. Hint, hint if you're wondering what to get me for Christmas this might be this! (Actually the clogs were removed from the site but there are many other stores in Sweden that sell them.)
I'm going to keep checking out the other beautiful items that were added to this line, and keep them in mind for future shopping in Sweden.  Have a happy Monday friends!

 Let me know what you think, and don't forget: "Lågom är bäst" ;-)

bloglovin and pinterest

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diets are boring

Hello everyone, trying to lose weight from a summer of excess?  I am.  Bleh, it's so boring.  I wish that this 5:2 method worked!  Instead I'm counting calories, and trying to exercise more.  So far I've lost three pounds but I've got a bit to go and anyway if I stop now it will all just pounce back on me. The 5:2 method, if I've understood it right, is to eat sensibly five days, and starve 2 days.  Or something like that ;-)  I don't subscribe to it (obviously) but I am trying to eat less gluten because that quickly fattens this Viking up and I need to be lean and mean to keep up with my kids!  ha, ha  What do you do to lose weight?  Any tips out there that work?  Tack!  Just trying to keep my diet, and my weight "lagom" I guess :-)
Lagom (Swedish) Maybe Goldilocks was Swedish? This slippery little word is hard to define, but means something like, "Not too much, and not too little, but juuuuust right."

Zucchini cactus pyssel

Hi, do you a half a million extra zucchinis you don't know what to do with?  I have a couple from my mother in law who gardens, so on the docket is making zucchini bread and this fun treat from a Swedish magazine called "Handarbete & Pyssel" (kind of like arts & crafts).  It's a cute idea that a mom Karen Schaefter and her daughter came up with and it's in their new book "Pyssla med Mig!"

Arts & crafts is fun and a big deal in Sweden, as it seems to be everywhere as evidenced by Pinterest. (Of course if people are like me they mostly pin their ideas instead of doing them.) ;-)  I think this idea is just easy enough to actually do - and that's saying a lot these busy summer days.

You'll need a zucchini, red gumdrops, toothpicks, chocolate cereal, and a pot (preferably a cute one, but definitely a clean one).  The kids at 'The House Lagom' added red to jazz up this "cactus" and multi-colored gumdrops which wasn'…


Hi everyone, the summer just blasts on - fun and sun everyday and lots of it! So sorry if I haven't blogged a lot lately, but it's been busy. Today I'm going to try to do some scrap booking (daunting!) starting with our recent trip. We went to Sweden in July and the weather was cold and rainy. Handsome hubby insists that in August the weather is usually better so next time we will go to Sweden in August, and one of the first things on my list will be the Malmö Festival.

Held this year August 14 - 21 it's just insane the amount of things that they have going on!  You'll find opera, dance, theater, music, interactive, food, an amusement park (a tivoli) - all at 32 scenes around the city of Malmö!  For example today (Monday, 8/17) if I were there I would eat barbeque, try a skim board, build a model of a house, dance Samba with the kids, try the Pop Quiz in Central park and listen to Zhala (who has opened for Robyn) at Gustavs scenen.

Here's the low-down fro…

Slumming in Stockholm

Some musings on the current state of the Sweden .. and how a culture can change....  kind of deep I know but I was deeply affected by seeing the beggars in Stockholm this summer.  The Roma or Gypsies as they are commonly called were everywhere, holding out their cups or hands for spare change, just sitting there and saying "hello" in their bathrobes and long skirts.

Turns out that the poor of EU have learned to migrate to collect money in the more affluent countries, and return to their own when they have enough.  Romania, from which many Roma come, has one of the lowest wealth levels in the E.U, and given their status as part of the European Union their citizens may move freely within the 28 nation bloc.

I won't give all the details (read this excellent article for more insightful information - from The New York Times) but needless to say it has given many Swedes some seriou…

Me want - Lejondolken flemish tapestries

Hi all, usually I don't pick up text verbatim but I want to highlight a great company that sells a variety of beautiful home objects made in Sweden that are inspired by Flemish weaving, a long tradition in Skåne, the very Southern part of Sweden.  Check out their website and let me know what you think about this unique company:

History of Flemish Weaving in Sweden  During the 16th century many Flemish weavers moved into the city of Lund and its surroundings. Their skills and inspiration made the art of weaving flourish. They brought patterns and new ideas on how to weave, the locals soon adapted and made Flemish weaving a part of the culture in Skåne.

It was the weaver Jürgen Münther and his wife Alhed that introduced Flemish weaving and tapestries to the manors and castles of Skåne. The old patterns were changed over time och became more colorful and distinct. Quite different from what can be seen on foreign textile art. The patterns from Flanders…

Salad days of summer

If you're like me you like a nice salad for the dog days of summer.  This recipe I found in a Swedish tabloid a while back and I make it often.  You'll have to eyeball some of the measurements because they were in metric.  I usually wing the dressing and it comes out tasting delicious but for those of you who need a better gauge, I've added a dressing that will taste just as good and uses cups. Too bad I didn't take a picture of it last night.  It is as pretty as it is tasty, and it's paleo.  Enjoy!
Mango chicken Salad for 6 Ingredients  chicken (I used the grilled chicken from local grocery store) cayenne pepper or chili pepper (you can skip it) 2 - 3 mangos 3 avocados salad - preferably different sorts of lettuce but I used bib
Sugared nuts for topping cashews butter sugar cayenne pepper or chili pepper (you can skip it)
Dressing 1 dl olive oil*    * 1 dl = 0.4 cups so about a half a cup 2 tablespoons sugar 1/3 dl apple cider vinegar (0.14 cup) 1 teaspoon dijon mu…

Lenny Rocked His Pants Off!

This dude is too cool, after splitting his leather pants in two while rocking "Fly Away", he quietly exposed waaay too much and left the stage to change.  Hey no "boob pop out scandal here" it happened in Sweden!  See Gröna Lund in Stockholm here - so sorry to have missed it!  We were at Gröna Lund a couple of weeks ago and I pointed out to hubby that Lenny Kravitz was headlining.  He is a true rock and roll star and at age 51 is still putting on a great show.  (I'm sure he'll wear underpants next time though.) Read more revealing tidbits here. Ha!  :-)

Party! (crayfish party)

Happy August!!  I'm back home in the States and I have to say the sun feels goood!  It reminds that summer is the time to relax and have a couple of friends over either for a barbeque, or if you're in Sweden, a crayfish party.   Called a kräftskiva it's an easy meal to make with boiled crayfish, bread, cheese, snaps, maybe some potatoes and lots of dill.  And beer.  So a link to the crayfish recipe is here, and I'm sure the other items you could easily get.  Just don't forget to sing!!  More on that is my old post on snaps.  Skål!