Kurbits today and "This is Sweden" at Ahlens

Drool, drool ... of course I'm drooling over Ahlens spectacular line "This is Sweden", who wouldn't?  I love the use of the kurbits motive (see here for more on what that is), the inclusion of iconic Swedish crafts like Dala horses (Dalahäst, see below)
and other typical Swedish items like the Samisk bracelets. (Shown in pink but I greedily want one in all the colors.) 

Check out the clogs too. which are so comfortable and well-priced right now. Hint, hint if you're wondering what to get me for Christmas this might be this! (Actually the clogs were removed from the site but there are many other stores in Sweden that sell them.)

I'm going to keep checking out the other beautiful items that were added to this line, and keep them in mind for future shopping in Sweden.  Have a happy Monday friends!

 Let me know what you think, and don't forget: "Lågom är bäst" ;-)
From "This is Sweden" at Ahlens.se


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