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Hi all, usually I don't pick up text verbatim but I want to highlight a great company that sells a variety of beautiful home objects made in Sweden that are inspired by Flemish weaving, a long tradition in Skåne, the very Southern part of Sweden.  Check out their website and let me know what you think about this unique company:

History of Flemish Weaving in Sweden 
During the 16th century many Flemish weavers moved into the city of Lund and its surroundings. Their skills and inspiration made the art of weaving flourish. They brought patterns and new ideas on how to weave, the locals soon adapted and made Flemish weaving a part of the culture in Skåne.

It was the weaver Jürgen Münther and his wife Alhed that introduced Flemish weaving and tapestries to the manors and castles of Skåne. The old patterns were changed over time och became more colorful and distinct. Quite different from what can be seen on foreign textile art. The patterns from Flanders were infused with local images of biblical stories and fantasy animals. Popular patterns were the dove of Noah, the garden of Eden and the Unicorn.

Only very few of the original tapestries still remain. But several of the weavings that followed are known to us and almost all of them stem from the southwest counties of Skåne around the city of Lund. Lund is since several hundreds years a city of the clergy, perhaps that is one reason why there are so many biblical motifs found in these Flemish weaving.

The richest and most typical Flemish weaving from Skåne are from the counties of Torna and Bara, but also Oxie, Skytts, Harjager, Ljunits och Vemmenhög counties. Flemish weaving with very similar patterns to those found in Skåne can also be found in both Denmark and Norway. 


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