the game of life

We've been playing a lot of Life lately - you know that board game where the men are blue, women are pink, and they drive around all day in itty-bitty cars procreating and having a heck of a time. If only, right?  ;-)  My daughter quickly learned to be a doctor, the "best" job because you easily snag $100,000 every time you passed go.  My son got "stuck" being an accountant two times running which was pretty hysterical they thought.  He "only" made $80,000.  A teacher made $45,000 (hey, actually pretty spot on) so NO ONE wanted to be that!  Made me think, why do I want to be a teacher?  And should I actually give up (again).  Here's the back story....

Once upon a time a young idealist graduated top of her class in education with a great job and a song in her heart.  She was going to work in education teaching second graders to love learning!  She welcomed the little ones to the classroom and they had a fantastic first day playing games, + getting to know one another.  Then the books came out - math, English, science, social studies (Thoreau for second graders?), health, wealth - there was a lot for the second graders to learn, and for the young teacher to figure out.  How to teach to all at their levels was one big question.

Quickly she got swamped in a maze of scheduling the who, what, when and where of it all; and discipline "who did what to whom?", amongst other concerns such as having some kids who couldn't sit still, others who couldn't keep their hands to themselves, and some with serious issues that she didn't know how to address.  Was there help to be had?  Oh no, all the teachers stayed in their rooms, as everyone had their own battles to fight and this was before pages (i.e. para-professionals and teacher assistants).  Fast forward a year, the young miss left the profession at which she felt she was badly suited, and joined the world of marketing where the rules were clearer and young lives weren't at stake.  Yet the dream lived on....

Fast forward a loooong time and she went back to school after having had two kids, taught preschool and substituted.  Now, she thought I will be a paraprofessional and show them what I've got!  Surely they'll want me now that I've mastered the schedule, the discipline, and the vagaries of it all as evidenced by working one-on-one with a special needs child with many of the issues that bedeviled her before.  Well.... not so much... and here we are looking for work again.

So what has changed in education her lo so many years away from it?  Um, not as much as you might believe.  And this is where the tale ends, for now.  Does the not-so-young ma'm keep fighting the good fight for the kids? Or bail, again, and go somewhere where her creativity, hard work and smarts might be rewarded. Please tell, she needs to take a nap in my ivory tower, and then play Life with her kids. ;-)

Here's one cynical one ladies take on the game of life, do you agree?  Luckily I have a happy life with my family and friends so I have to say I managed somehow to win the bonanza even if this career thing doesn't work out, and for that I'm very grateful!


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