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Happy Midsummer! Glad Midsommar!

Hello lovely readers, it finally is the last day of school and I'm celebrating!! It's finally nice weather, I have a beautiful lunch to attend, and a fun movie with a good friend will cap off my night. Tomorrow is "Midsommar" the day when Swedes of all ages wear flower crowns in their hair and jump around like frogs.  Ha, ha!  There's singing, dancing and drinking to be had and it's a lot of fun.  I miss it but I wish all my Swedish friends the best time ever and good weather! Glad Midsommar! More information on the festivities here.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Swedish summer for those of you who have never been. And if you've never been, go!  The prices are right.  Norwegian Air has entered the market for the Americans would like to go to their "homeland" and WOW! and Icelandair are competing by lowering their prices. Plus the dollar is strong. Let me know if you need advice.  I love playing travel agent, and if I can help you out …

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