Swedish Midsummer!

Hej! As I write this post, I am missing Sweden. It is experiencing record breaking warmth this spring, and I can just imagine lying on the soft white beach near my mother's house while listening to the children play and the sounds of the surf. Ahhh! There's nothing like a good Swedish summer. This year, unfortunately, we won't be able to go as we're staying on American soil all summer, but I'm unfolding my Swedish flag and celebrating Midsommar nonetheless (on Friday June 22, 2018)!

Below are some photos from our last summer excursion to Sweden in 2017. It rained quite a lot, but that didn't dampen our spirits. It took me a while to post these because I was getting quick a lot of weird spam comments about all kind of strange things and frankly, it freaked me out.  I had to remove the ability to post comments. But please enjoy the pictures, I am thinking of you all in sunny Sweden as I write this and wish you all a "GLAD MIDSOMMAR"!  Love the place tha…

#metoo in Sweden and let the kids stay!

There are several breaking stories in my homeland, and my friends are involved in both! First there is a massive movement to let young refugees without papers stay in Sweden.  Due to the molasses-like movement of the state many children have been there for so many years that they have learned the Swedish language and assimilated into the country. Now, they are being forcibly removed and sent to war torn countries like Afghanistan.  Would YOU want to go if you were them?  Hell no!  One of my friends is part of the effort in Stockholm to stop that from happening and others across the country are trying to find homes for them.  Wish I was there to help.  I have been following it and I'm impressed by the group's commitment and PR savvy.  Just doing my best to help from here by spreading the news.   #låtdeungastanna. facebook:
Another important issue that is being taken up just this week concerns the #metoo movement.  Despite Sweden's repu…

Beautiful beach scene

Ahhh!  Summer... wish you were still here.  Come back!  :)

Lego Land

Dear Heather,
You mentioned that you are planning a trip to Lego Land in Billund, Denmark and I blithely thought: I'll just send you a link to my blog post on our trip to Lego Land.  Huh?  What? Where is it?  How could I have been so lame as to not post about one of the most fun family trips that we took while living in Sweden?!  So a "little" late (um, sorry) here are some pics from our most excellent trip to Lego Land, Denmark in April, 2012. Sorry for the delay to all my super readers from around the globe and safe travels if you go!  Heather, we hope you and your family have as much fun there as we did. 
p.s. there's a new house that's been built all out of legos, and it's opening this week, check it out! 

p.s.s who wouldn't get a kick out of the video remake of Ed Sheeran's "Lego House" featuring Rupert Grint and his lego counterpart :-) Hope you do!

Beautiful view - Helsingborg

A lovely view from the inside if not the outside of this amazing apartment in Helsingborg that we were lucky enough to borrow from friends. Constant rain this summer in Sweden is the big bummer but at least we can curl up here with a book and a nice cup of coffee, or like the kids just stayin bed! The colorful decor and the large windows which let in lots of light remind me of summery days and with any luck the rain will stop and we will enjoy walking the boardwalk again tonight. :)  Helsingborg is beautiful.

Nordic detox diet

I've finally found a diet for me --- the Nordic detox diet lets you eat two grams of carbs for every gram of protein! This balance of carbs and protein is called the "golden ratio" and allows the system to stay lean according to Dr. Astrup of University of Copenhagen.  OK, sounds good to me!  But here's the scoop, buy one of those nutrient-rich, dense blocks of bread that you normally skip called "Dark European Rye" and sugar-free muesli, cereal, barley, peas, corn and potatoes.  That's carbs folks, not two doughnuts for every slice of bacon. ;) I love to eat this way and luckily for me I'm headed to the land of Nordic eating soon!  I just have to stay away "fika" or choose fruit with my coffee or this cake which is reputed to be "The world's healthiest cake". I haven't tried it yet but it looks good.  If you make it please leave a comment. Off the the gym, enjoy!

Whole Orange & Almond Yogurt Cake 2 small oranges, pee…

Spider-Man Grabs Coffee

I'm in a "green-coffee machine" AKA Starbies enjoying a cascara coffee, which tastes just like a regular espresso to my philistine tastebuds, and the AC!  This movie is pretty fun.  Maybe time for fika?