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Happy Earth Day Fellow Earthings

Greetings! Today we are standing for science at the "March for Science Boston".  (It's actually not a march, they learned from the Women's March how the Commons can turn into a trap if overwhelmed, so we'll all  be standing and rallying for science.)  It's a great cause and one we're happy to support in this household. Personally I'm excited to try all the children's display booths (and hopefully get some great swag for my classroom) in addition, of course, to supporting science and real facts!  Here's the press release if you'd like to know more. Live Long and Prosper!

‍ Thousands to Gather at Boston Common in March for Science GATHERING IS PART OF NATIONAL, NON-PARTISAN EFFORT WITH SATELLITE RALLIES ACROSS US ‍ BOSTON – This Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017, folks from across New England will join together on the Boston Common in support of science. The non-partisan March for Science celebrates the discovery, understanding, and sharing of scienti…

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