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Inspirational Winter Shots

It's snowing here, just lightly, but it makes me dream of skiing and winter wonderlands.  Scrolling around the web I found that Swedish designer and blogger Lisbeth of the blog "wabi sabi" provided just the right photo montage for my reveries.  Kind of ties into my last tree post doesn't it?  Enjoy! Pinterest via

A tree is more than a tree

A tree is more than a tree, an interesting article in DN (Dagens Nyheter) today.  See A tree is more than a tree article in Swedish.  I agree.  I love big, gnarled trees.  Interesting trees that have stood the test of time.  Trees that allow for wildlife to flourish, like birds, among their branches and squirrels or other animals in their hidden crevices.  I paint trees often.  This is one of my favorites in Ljunghusen.  It was an old pine on the way to the beach.  I hope to go visit it next summer.  I love to look at the old maple outside our kitchen window too but it's slowly dying.  The tree expert says it's hundreds of years old.  I like to think about the changes it has seen, and I will miss it once its days are over.  The article says that trees remind us of our place on earth. It's about finding our place on earth and the connection between the past and the future.  The thought is a little dizzyning says Charlotte Hagström.  So true.  Hope "my" tree is st…

Hej tomtegubbe

God Jul!  We have had such a nice Christmas, hope you did too.  I made an abbreviated version of a Swedish smörgåsbord which proved to be a hit with our American guests.  We had ham, homemade meatballs, a nice Gouda, breads, salad with red cabbage, mandarin oranges and almonds, janssons frestelse (a potato dish with anchovis and cream), and two kinds of herring.  They even liked the herring!  We sang a couple of songs and enjoyed each others company (plus a nice Malbec) before heading to chuch and more festivities at friends.  The only thing I wasn't satisfied with was the bread so I ferreted out a Swedish sourdough recipe that looks delicious for next time.  Take a look, bread recipe  The next day more good food thanks to my hubby who made crepes with all sorts of filling.  Mums filibaba (Swedish for yummy!).  Thanks H.  (A full smörgäsbord below.  We didn't go this nuts!)

The Hobbit

Sorry for the delay in blogland.  I was rushing around for last Saturday's Christmas market, and then I was rushing around after the market doing all the other things I hadn't gotten around to!!  Last night I baked about 8 dozen hermit cookies, cleaned and packed presents.  Next it's time to finish the cards, make Christmas Eve dinner, and complete shopping.  Then H (handsome, helpful hubby) and I are treating ourselves to a movie.  It was going to be the Hobbit, but now after I read this Hobbit hearsay I may have to resist.  Kidding!  Nothing is stopping us from seeing this movie, not even some Swedish aristocratic-wannabe!  I love this photo is from  


A crazy, busy weekend spent at SWEA's very nicely done Swedish Jul (Christmas) 2012 market... lots to learn and digest. Our children did a wonderful job singing the traditional Santa Lucia songs.  My mother's heart is full of pride and thankfulness for these two wonderful little beings who grace our lives.  So sad about Newtown, CT tragedy - I can't even process it.  I really can't.  Maybe listening to the traditional Saint Lucia carol sung beautifully by these young Swedes will help.

Heja Sverige!

Me at the Swedish presentation (right by the bar of course). Hope you all had a nice weekend and happy 12/12/12!


My presentation went well.  The cable worked.  The computer worked.  The people came.  I was ready in time.  Everything went swimmingly and all my worst nightmares did not come true (again).  Breath deeply!  I was happy to present our year in Sweden and show family snapshots, display my items, and invite everyone to a cup of glögg.  Pictures to follow.  Thanks to those of you who came!  Today it's off to Swedish school where the kids are learning about Raoul Wallenberg who save tens of thousands of Jews during the holocaust during World War II.  If you don't already know about this Swede's great bravery please read here: facts about Raoul Wallenberg.

Flitiga Tina gets ready for Dec 10

There's an expression in Swedish that someone is "flitiga Lisa" (busy beaver I guess is the closest we come to it in America, although I appreciate other suggestions.)    Well I think it should be changed to "flitiga Tina", at least for a limited time to expire end of this month!  I am busy getting ready for the market on 12/15 as well as a presentation on our year abroad this Monday night for friends.  Am I silly to be nervous?  Probably, but nevertheless I am.  The good thing is I know more about my topic - Sweden - than most people here but it's the technology aspect of it all that's making it hard to sleep at night.  (As you may have gathered technology is not my forte.)

Well to put it in perspective I should remember that December 10th is not only a big night for me, but also for all the Nobel prize recipients!  Talk about nervous ... giving a speech in front of 1,500 in the Blue Hall which will be televised across the world is perhaps a wee bit mo…

Who wants to be a reality star?

You too can be a star!  Are you an American of Swedish descent?  Then you too can be on tv for all to gape at in awe as you cry, emote and struggle to learn more your Swedish forefathers and mothers in the old country.  This show is a hoot, we watched it last year when we lived there, and I guess the prize is pretty good.  It must be.  Checkit out:

Christmas Market #2

Feeling sloppily sentimental today - not only has my precious daughter turned 8 today (!) but
I am also reminiscing about last year in Sweden (when we lived there for one year).  I love celebrating the holidays there including visiting XMas markets such as Tivoli in Copenhagen. Check out this link for more ideas:

Tivoli truly gives you that shivery, special Christmas feeling - it feels more like a celebration of magical times than amusement park.  Next year, Stuttgart Germany's Christmas market perhaps?  One can always dream...