Flitiga Tina gets ready for Dec 10

There's an expression in Swedish that someone is "flitiga Lisa" (busy beaver I guess is the closest we come to it in America, although I appreciate other suggestions.)    Well I think it should be changed to "flitiga Tina", at least for a limited time to expire end of this month!  I am busy getting ready for the market on 12/15 as well as a presentation on our year abroad this Monday night for friends.  Am I silly to be nervous?  Probably, but nevertheless I am.  The good thing is I know more about my topic - Sweden - than most people here but it's the technology aspect of it all that's making it hard to sleep at night.  (As you may have gathered technology is not my forte.)

Well to put it in perspective I should remember that December 10th is not only a big night for me, but also for all the Nobel prize recipients!  Talk about nervous ... giving a speech in front of 1,500 in the Blue Hall which will be televised across the world is perhaps a wee bit more nerve-wracking.  See http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/award_ceremonies/history/ for more info on the awards which is a viewing tradion in Sweden.  Beautiful photo to follow from my friend Linda in Sweden who is a much better photographer than me (+ who can text at quantum speeds so obviously also more techno-gifted).  Just need to figure out how to upload it first!


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