A tree is more than a tree

A tree is more than a tree, an interesting article in DN (Dagens Nyheter) today.  See A tree is more than a tree article in Swedish.  I agree.  I love big, gnarled trees.  Interesting trees that have stood the test of time.  Trees that allow for wildlife to flourish, like birds, among their branches and squirrels or other animals in their hidden crevices.  I paint trees often.  This is one of my favorites in Ljunghusen.  It was an old pine on the way to the beach.  I hope to go visit it next summer.  I love to look at the old maple outside our kitchen window too but it's slowly dying.  The tree expert says it's hundreds of years old.  I like to think about the changes it has seen, and I will miss it once its days are over.  The article says that trees remind us of our place on earth. It's about finding our place on earth and the connection between the past and the future.  The thought is a little dizzyning says Charlotte Hagström.  So true.  Hope "my" tree is still there when I go back.
– Det finns en koppling mellan då och nu och framtiden med träd. När folk berättar om träd ger det en slags känsla av att det hjälper en hitta sin plats. Det här trädet har stått här före mig och det kommer att stå här efter mig. Tanken svindlar lite, säger Charlotte Hagström.) - Dagens Nyheter, 12/26/12


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