Hej tomtegubbe

God Jul!  We have had such a nice Christmas, hope you did too.  I made an abbreviated version of a Swedish smörgåsbord which proved to be a hit with our American guests.  We had ham, homemade meatballs, a nice Gouda, breads, salad with red cabbage, mandarin oranges and almonds, janssons frestelse (a potato dish with anchovis and cream), and two kinds of herring.  They even liked the herring!  We sang a couple of songs and enjoyed each others company (plus a nice Malbec) before heading to chuch and more festivities at friends.  The only thing I wasn't satisfied with was the bread so I ferreted out a Swedish sourdough recipe that looks delicious for next time.  Take a look, bread recipe  The next day more good food thanks to my hubby who made crepes with all sorts of filling.  Mums filibaba (Swedish for yummy!).  Thanks H.  (A full smörgäsbord below.  We didn't go this nuts!)


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