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Den som spar, han har

I can't believe that I've been blogging for five years now!  It's been a fun way to keep in touch with all things Swedish and to feel connecting to the homeland.  I've blogged about my life, my likes, my art and my adventures.  There's quite a lot of stuff on this blog.  Funny considering the amount of stuff that I have in my life and my house!!  I am trying hard to re-use, re-cycle and get rid of things.  I am determined to get organized for the new school year.  I have a new class and need a fresh perspective and room for learning about Montessori, as well as the time to try new approaches in Start 2 Art.  
So with that said I hope that you'll forgive my recycling, re-using and up-grading of old blog posts.  I don't want to stop blogging because I love it but time is limited and ticking!  This Swedish quote "Den som spar, han har" means "He who saves, has", so with that maxim in mind please forgive in advance my recycling of older pos…

Pikachu is hiding in Stockholm

Pokemon is a trend that I've not really been a part of but I like this guys attempt to see Stockholm and capture the illusive Pikachu. Read on... sharing

Badhytten in Skanör

The new Badhytten is up again and greatly improved after burning down in 2009.  Here are some pictures from a beautiful day on the beach recently, July 2016.
The restaurant has gotten great reviews, and the club looks like fun, but the really cool thing is the van! They will pick you up and drop you off in it after dropping a lot of kronor on a nice dinner 'natch.
Look at this view!  I love the bath houses (little houses which the Swedes use to change into their suits, and stash stuff) and the white, white sand.
Here's the upstairs bar which is very colorful.  There's a beach club with DJs and sometimes bands.  I would have liked to see the band on July 23rd.  Here's what it says on the website (see below).
"Åke Högman ”Ache the Headache” VS Miller Moon – gives you the best of Prince, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix and many more, translated to äkta SKÅNSKA and delivered in a way that take no prisoners!" :-)
My beautiful and color coordinated friend enjoyed a colo…

summer silliness

The weather has been so hot and oppressive, it's been hard to get anything done.  The laundry is still in baskets, the random things I brought home from Sweden in my back-pack and the to-do list in on my desk.  It will get done, but first some summer silliness.  Hey, isn't that what vaca is all about? ;-)
Arianna Grande and Jimmy Fallon's Snapchat Music Video

Falsterbo Horse Show Encapsulated

To be honest I don't know much about horses so don't keep reading if you expect stats and expert analysis of jumping or dressage.  (Dressage is a fancy, side-stepping thing that horses do with their riders on top as far as I can tell.)  But it was a cool day and it seemed the thing to do instead of the beach so off I went.  I'm glad that I did!

It was a real folk fest with good food, a great market and lots of areas in which to view horses doing their thing.  So why not go?  The price didn't deter me (170 Swedish krones is a lot but I knew that I could go in and out of the area all day.)  And I really wanted a pair of these träskor (clogs) by Tessa & Mimi and I knew they'd be in the market area. You know me and my clog addiction. ;-)
What else is there to buy?  Well anything horses from high-end, to low-end and all between including the practical bits and pieces to the fancy clothes and jewelry for humans and horses alike.  I am not kidding you, they sell jewe…


My friend Christina and I went to the old Falsterbo Museum recently.  It was raining so I was glad for my new "Horze" raincoat which I bought at the Falsterbo Horse Show.  One of the things that I learned was that Josef Frank (co-owner of Swedish Tenn) lived in a summer house in Falsterbo with his wife and drew five houses for the town.  This is the only place in Sweden that this well known artist and textile designer was architect.  The museum had an exhibit of local houses and the different styles, everything from romantic "historic" style to the modern contemporary style that Sweden is known for. I liked Villa Hulten, which reminded me of a little Acropolis with its inner courtyard, designed by Karen Hulten in 1936.

60's Sweden

Hi all!  I am writing you from "the old country". I hope that everyone is having a great summer.  Here we are thinking about the 60's today, in particular the clothes, as we scavenge through my mother's closet for some key choices for a party with that theme.  My aunt and uncle are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow -- yeah! -- and my nieces, mother and I will be dressing 60's for the occasion.  My sister was able to find a gorgeous pink dress in silk with a matching jacket.  We have determined that she has to wear a pill box to go with. ;)
My mother and I are going with the hippie look, and the girls may as well.  Here are some fun ideas to ponder.  Otherwise the final of the European Soccer Championship will be held Sunday night between Portugal and France.  I saw the French beat Germany and it was an exciting game.  The Swedes never made it but I look forward to seeing the game!

Sweden in the summer

Dreaming of a nice visit in Sweden. I am leaving tomorrow and unfortunately the weather does not look good for my stay.  That's OK, there's always lots to do, and I can still plumb the archives of my photos to give you an idea of how lovely Sweden can be in the summer (if the weather cooperates.)