Badhytten in Skanör

The new Badhytten is up again and greatly improved after burning down in 2009.  Here are some pictures from a beautiful day on the beach recently, July 2016.
The restaurant has gotten great reviews, and the club looks like fun, but the really cool thing is the van! They will pick you up and drop you off in it after dropping a lot of kronor on a nice dinner 'natch.
Look at this view!  I love the bath houses (little houses which the Swedes use to change into their suits, and stash stuff) and the white, white sand.
Here's the upstairs bar which is very colorful.  There's a beach club with DJs and sometimes bands.  I would have liked to see the band on July 23rd.  Here's what it says on the website (see below).
"Åke Högman ”Ache the Headache” VS Miller Moon – gives you the best of Prince, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix and many more, translated to äkta SKÅNSKA and delivered in a way that take no prisoners!" :-)
My beautiful and color coordinated friend enjoyed a colorful, satisfying and expensive salad!
A final shot on our way out of the lounging center in the middle of the restaurant.  The meal was good albeit overpriced, but the view, and the splendid company, made it well worth it. Bon apetit!


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