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Please let me know what you think, and let me know how you’ve made the transition from all out obsessed mother of two worrying about every nap and diaper change, to a woman with a full, balanced life and bigger children (who still need me but in different ways).  Because of course, as with everything, the islands are a metaphor for a better me – lovelier, serene, and self contained – a place where you have everything you need and do not want for things “off island”.  It’s worth a shot!
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Hello, feeling a little sentimental today as I found my old blog on wordpress.  I'd been playing around with the idea of blogging for a while before heading to Bornholm with handsome hubby for our 10th anniversary.  There I came upon the realization that I, like many other people, love islands. I wanted to take that easy-breezy feeling (aka lagom) into my "real" life and help it grow.  This was my first attempt at blogging.  Check it out if you'd like: 

What I realized is how much my life revolved around my young children at that point.  It still does, to a degree, but I do feel more room in my life now to make decisions just for me.  This year I turned the kids growing up and no longer needing me as much into a good thing by getting a new job and building a side business teaching art.  It's bittersweet though.  Just the thought of those little munchkins makes me teary.  Change isn't easy but I am so proud of my children!  One is graduating 9th grade and the other 6th grade, both with high grades, good friends, and a wonderful way about them.  They're funny, kind and smart.  As I wrote in my first blog on September 15, 2010 --

Well, life goes on even though the kids are both at school.  I cried my eyes out this morning, after realizing that little kid stage is over.  It’s hard going from the emcee of their lives, to the cheerleader/enforcer who drives them around places and makes them do their homework.  It will take some getting used to but I’m going to find my happy place and this blog is part of the process of getting back to my center.


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