Nobel Prizes 2015

Stockholm's City Hall was the vaulting location for the annual Nobel Prize that saw the world's brightest minds celebrate achievement    So the important passing out of the Nobel prizes happened with all the pomp and circumstance that the Swedes can muster today.  A beautiful meal was served in the Blue Hall of Stockholm's glorious City Hall for dignataries, winners, and royalty.
Photo of Stockholm City Hall
Stockholm City Hall

Kronprinsessan Victoria bär prinsessan Sibyllas diadem och delar ur drottning Josefinas ametistgarnityr samt ett briljantarmband. Jonas Ekströmer/TT
Princess Victoria looks beautiful in purple
Seinabo Sey and Anna Ternheim were two Swedish musical artists that performed at the event.  I had never heard of the Swedish-born, Gambian-bred Sey but wow, what a voice!  It compares to Beyonce and Adele. Check out her contribution to the festivities below, the song "Poetic".  Just beautiful, and I love the harp too.

Congratulations to all of the 2015 winners! Also a link to more information on last year's event.  Please enjoy the beautiful music by Seinabo Sey, a Swede.


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