Christmas Joy

from Sköna Hem
Chocolate House Instructions from Marabou
Here is an amazing idea for the holidays - instead of making a gingerbread house how about making a chocolate house!  You need 6 large bars of chocolate.  First cut out the windows and doors, they recommend microwaving the piece that you are cutting for 7 - 9 secs before cutting to make it easier,
Cutting the pitch of the house
... and then melt the cut chocolate and glue the house together using melted chocolate.  Yum!  Using white icing add the piping around the door and windows and into the funnels on the roof.  They suggest that it's easier to do the piping before you construct the house.  The woman on the video will show you how to make the adorable icicles (so much better than ice dams) and sprinkle with powdered sugar.  It's in Swedish but images speak a thousand words and you'll figure it out because my readers are smart.  So there.  Voila!

But for those of you whose creations using end up on the Pinterest Nailed-it Fail page, here is another video from Sweden - perhaps more understandable - from the hilarious Tiffany Persson.  She uses a rudimentary healing technique to heal her holiday stress.  Enjoy!


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