Nordic Middle Days

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Hello, phew, Christmas sure was a blast and it lasted!  Yesterday we waved good-bye to our last guests and I got down to some serious down time.  No matter how wonderful the holidays are I always get a little blue when they are over.  The friend and family time is done.  The gifts opened, and the food eaten.  Leftovers are nice as is the extra eggnog and bottles of good red that friends brought to our XMAS party, but it's not the same as enjoying them with their company.  

In Sweden these days are called "mellandagarna" (middle days) and it's a time to regroup and enjoy your gifts.  That's what I plan to do now.  I am headed off to the art dungeon to use some nice new brushes and water-based oil paints.  A splurt of color should help my mood!  I am leaving you with some Nordic Blues of a good sort.  The link goes to a designer's beautiful blue "tablescape". The photos below are from the Nordic skies found on image banks that appealed to me.  Enjoy! 
I hope that you had a God Jul and that the New Year will bring everything that you need.  
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Swedish fields wallpaper


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