Gustaf Adolf would approve

Gustaf II Adolf, Swedish King, 1611- 1632

Props today to Gustaf Adolf.  He gets his very own day in the Swedish name calendar.  Every day has a name, and today we honor the king that is credited with making Sweden a power to reckon with.  He died today, November 6th in 1632 in the battle of Lutzen, Germany.  Wikipedia states: " within only a few years of his accession Sweden had become the largest nation in Europe after Russia and Spain."  He is know as the first great modern general or "father of modern warfare.  He was also father of Christina the queen of Sweden, the only remaining child from his marriage to Maria Eleonora, Queen Christina reigned from 1633 - 1654.  Being named Christina I have a fondness for her, and she was a very interesting woman.  Seriously, read more here! Christina, Queen of Sweden

So heja to Gustavus Adolphus the Great!  Your history lesson is now complete.  
On to my own battle -- the battle of the beige -- from which I shall emerge victorious!   
Queen Christina, Swedish Queen 1633 - 1654


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