the aftereffects of Halloween...

  1. Candy, candy and more candy
  2. Teeth brushing, flossing and mouthwash (I make the kids do this for about two days)
  3. Funny pictures on Facebook of all our friends' antics
  4. Watching the kids compare and auction of their goodies (a hoot)
  5. leftover costume parts all over the house (for example makeup and fake blood in bathroom)
  6. squirrel eaten pumpkin in the front yard
  7. Candy and alcohol-induced hangovers
  8. Did I mention funny pictures on FB?
Hubby and I were foxes in honor of the internet pariah "Ylvis".  If you read my blog you'll see I was immersed in making these costumes up until the last day, but they came out pretty good.  Luckily for us there wasn't anyone interested in filming our interpretive dance of "What does the fox say?"  Thank goodness for that although it did get some laughs!  Hope you had a fun Halloween too, we missed our friends in Sweden this year, but we hope that you partied and had a blast too without us.  One more time for that video, just to really hammer it home.... A-oo-oo-oooo!


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