Cave woman, good paleo eating and Stone Age Finds in Hanö

Hi, those of you who have read my blog know that I like to write about all things Viking.  It's a fun way to stay in touch with my heritage and experience your inner wild child,  But you may not know that I've also tried paleo cooking so I perhaps I'm really a cavewoman at heart.  :-)  Do you like to eat like a cave woman?  I do, it really makes you feel good, helps you lose weight and fills you up.  Of course I have fallen off the wagon more than once and endulged in bread, pasta and the like, but I have tried to minimize it.  The thought is maybe if I eat like a cave woman I can look more like this Planet of the Apes babe ...
than this one.  (Well, maybe I do look more like her anyhow.)
Here's where I shamelessly plug my good friend's book on Paleo cooling (or high-fat, low-carb like they call it in Sweden).  You can look but you can't buy because it's sold out and is being reprinted for the third time!! You go Anne!  I can't wait to get my copy for Christmas (hint, hint). Matkärlek means "Love of Food" or literally "Love Food" and don't we all?  ;-) Maybe when I get it I'll translate some of the delicious recipes for y'all.  Would you like that?
What prompted these rambling musings to begin with though was an article in the Local that I held onto about the "Swedish Atlantis" being found right where my family lives.  Foteviken Viking settlement ( must be so excited.  They have been approved for a three year excavation of the sandy bay off the coast because they have found item discarded by nomadic Swedes in the Stone Age! It is really unusual to find such ancient items in good repair and it is because of the "gyttja" or mud that they were thrown into.  If I could have a do-over I might be a student of the Vikings and archeology instead of a teacher. So fascinating... can't wait to see what they bring up from the depths!  Full article here.  And more Vikings here... (BTW I want to bring back that jewelry, it's pretty isn't it?)


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