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Hej!  Sometimes someone writes a blog that you just haven't gotten around to, like Linda Barsi in this piece on Swedish inventions like Spotify.   So in that case why reinvent the wheel?  Or "zipper" as the case may be.  Just read and you'll know why I say this:
So the kitten curled up in my lap for a good snuggle while I write this, the kids are playing and life is good. Hope that you are ending summer on a happy note.  It can be a melancoly time of year (being Swedish I have to say that can be true of most months) but especially in September when the new year starts and the kids go back to school.  I live my life on an academic calendar - always have and being a teacher - always will.  It just makes sense to me.  Fall is the time of new beginnings and possibilities.  My goal to land a full-time teaching job this fall didn't come to fruition so it's back to the early morning sub call and a two month part-time stint at a lovely Reggio-Emilia school.  Read more here about the pedagogy, we're very lucky to have them here!


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