Happy Summer!

Ha, ha!  Even thought it's not accurate this picture is pretty funny and sometimes a Swedish summer can be the pits.  But as the heat goes up into the 90's here and the humidity soars I think longingly of Sweden with with its cool ocean breezes and long days.  I miss the white beaches, and the routine of packing a picnic basket with coffee, saft (a sweet drink made with concentrate, preferably homemade like my mother's lemon saft) as well as cookies or "bullar" for the kids.  Throw a couple of magazines in there like Damernas Värld or something silly about the royal family and you're all set for a couple of relaxing hours.  Heaven!
Ask me for a recipe if you want one, and I'll try to translate.  Otherwise the local IKEA does a nice lingon (cranberry) saft and a couple of other flavors you might enjoy.  Yum!


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