I'm sure you have heard of FOMO  (Fear of missing out), but have you been introduced to MOMO yet? "The Mystery of missing out" is when something is someone doesn't post a picture, and you rack your brain wondering why.  Bianca Bosker of the Huffington Post does a great job of explaining why this situation preys on our fears, the mystery of the missing shot leading one to wonder "what am I missing, how cool are they, and who is there?"  instagram-silence  She writes:
"In an odd way, the ultimate Instabrag is not sharing at all. 
If an adventure isn’t posted on social media, it must be ultra special.."

In the Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook crazy world we live in everyone seems to be trying to out-cool each other with the next best party or trip or fashion or friends.  So maybe just staying put and being anti-FOMO or NO-FOMO as Garance so aptly puts it is actually the way to be.  Interesting comments here:  (FOMO post by Garance Dore)  It's become tacky to instagram everything and everyone I guess, but that's not really why I don't do it.  I'm not trying go all MOMO on you either.

I rarely post personal pictures because I think the internet is a good place to explore ideas and the inner workings of oneself whether it be something trivial like a drinking song, or learning a new skill.  I'm not here to impress but to find like-minded souls who enjoy some of the same things I do: making art, Swedish culture, family, traveling, having fun and learning new things.  Or just being silly...

It seems that everyone is so worried about impressing the next person that we lose sight of who we really are, and what's important.  Also the busier you are the more fun you have and therefore less time to worry about all the cool things other people are doing, so NO-FOMO it is!  Hooray!  
Look Mom, I can use filters too!  (taken by our daughter)


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